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Guidelines - the format of Master's dissertations at IFIKK

Here are guidelines for the format of the Master's dissertation.

The purpose of the guidelines is to act as a helpful tool. The Master's dissertation is your work, and it is ultimately your choice how to format the dissertation within the frames of an academic work.

Graphic guidelines for standard Master's dissertation pages

  • A4 sheets with both a left and right margin
  • 1.5-line spacing (excluding quotes, footnotes)
  • the margin should be 2.5–3 cm
  • font similar to Times New Roman 12 pt. (the typeface should not yield substantially more or less text per page)
  • page numbering at the bottom of the page: either centred or alternating from right to left on every other page

    This format is suitable for double-sided printing of dissertations. In tables, footnotes or extended quotes, you can use a smaller font and single spacing as long as the text is still easy to read. Also look at the guidelines for your reference style.

Recommended dissertation layout:

  1. cover
  2. preface, including acknowledgements (1/4 page max.)
  3. abstract (1 page max.)
  4. table of contents
  5. main text (introduction, main part, conclusion)
  6. reference list
  7. any appendices, e.g. illustrations

The main text and the notes/references are included in the number of pages. Check your dissertation course to find out how many pages your dissertation should be.

Information that should be on the cover:

  • title of the dissertation (subtitle)
  • your name
  • Master's dissertation in [subject]
  • title and name of your supervisor [Associate Professor NN]
  • University of Oslo
  • Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas
  • year and semester

    If you want to use the UiO symbol on the cover, you can cut it out of a DUO template.


All Master's dissertations must have a preface, and it must state the name of the supervisor and the period of the supervision. It is normal to acknowledge everyone who has made a positive contribution to the Master's dissertation in the preface. The preface must not be more than 1/4 page long.


  • 1 page maximum
  • written in English or Norwegian
  • states the main research results in the dissertation
  • aimed at the wider public outside the university community

    You must do the following when you begin working on your Master's dissertation:

  • Familiarise yourself with how to use word processing programs (like Word) with large documents. Check whether Student-IT at the Faculty organises courses.
  • Identify any technical needs, e.g. when using illustrations.
  • Use styles from the beginning of the process – this will save you time-consuming work in the final stage. The University Library has a suggested style layout/template, but remember that cutting and pasting large amounts of text directly into the template will cause problems. In other words, you need to enter the work into a document that follows a style layout you can are thorougly familiar with from the outset.


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