Eitrem-forelesningen 2015

Eitrem-forelesningen holdes med jevne mellomrom til ære for professor i klassisk filologi,  Samson Eitrem (1872-1966).

Prof. Glenn W. Most (Pisa/Chicago)

“Bifocal Reception: Hecuba vs. The Trojan Women”

Hitherto, reception studies have tended to focus upon single major texts and the traditions they have generated. But texts, like authors and merchants, must always compete with one another for their audiences’ attention and pleasure, and examining double cases of competitive receptions can open up new questions that single receptions may obscure. Euripides wrote Hecuba about 424 BCE and The Trojan Women in 415. Both focus on Hecuba and deal with the same mythic material: the sufferings of the Trojan women immediately after the fall of Troy. But the two plays are constructed very differently: Hecuba focuses on the queen’s sufferings and actions, and constructs a unified plot out of her misery and then revenge; Trojan Women instead presents a set of tableaux of suffering and does not have a tightly knit plot line. The two plays enjoyed very different receptions in later art and literature; and the contrasts in their receptions can tell us much not only about changing tastes but also about the plays themselves.

Glenn Most er professor i gresk filologi ved Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa og i Social Thought ved The University of Chicago. Han har en imponerende publikasjonsliste bade når det gjelder kvantitet, kvalitet og bredde. Han har publisert bl.a. om filologihistorie, Sapfo, gresk tragedie, Vergil, filosofi og kriminallitteratur bare for å nevne noe. Han har utgitt flere tekster, bl.a. Hesiod og vært med i store oversettelsesprosjekter, som Chicago University Press’ oversettelse av samlede greske tragedier, samt er redaktør for oppslagsverket The Classical Tradition. 

Publisert 21. okt. 2015 13:21 - Sist endret 21. okt. 2015 13:23