Statistics for Philosophers - PhD seminar open for IFIKK staff

The University of Oslo (IFIKK) invites you to the following seminar on ‘Statistics for Philosophers’. Note that the seminar is preceded by an associated seminar on Automaticity and Moral Responsibility (September 17th and 18th), which is optional to attended in addition.

Statistics for Philosophers

Empirical studies are increasingly being availed to inform a wide range of philosophical debates, for example concerning judgement formation, action guidance, and perception, among many other topics. However, this ‘empirical turn’ requires specific skills in formal methods that is entirely absent in most philosophy curricula. Therefore, this seminar will offer a high intensity introduction to the basics of statistics to familiarise participants with the essential terminology and methodology of data collection and statistical analysis, and skills in the usage of essential analytical tools (SPSS), which will enable participants to critically read articles with experimental data from psychology, social psychology, and cognitive neuroscience.

Dr Pål Ulleberg is an associate professor at the Department of Psychology (University of Oslo) specialised in quantitative research methods and has much experience in teaching statistics. Dr Ulleberg will teach a two-day seminar including lectures and practical assignments, discussing empirical philosophical papers, reading experimental data, and doing data analysis. Participants will receive a syllabus shortly after the application deadline.


  • The seminar is aimed at philosophy PhD students, but PhDs from other disciplines and more advanced career researchers are welcomed too.
  • The seminar provides 3 ECTs, by completing preparatory reading, participating during the two days, and submitting practical course work.
  • The seminar is free of costs, and lunches will be provided. Transportation, accommodation, and other meals have to be arranged and financed by the participants themselves.
  • Apply by sending a CV and short motivation to Jeroen Rijnders. Application deadline: August 20th 2017. (When you are not yet entirely certain if you can attend, you can send a message to indicate interest).

For further information, contact Jeroen Rijnders.

Published Aug. 2, 2017 11:47 AM - Last modified Dec. 27, 2017 2:44 PM