Herman Cappelen's Inaugural Lecture

Professor Herman Cappelen will be giving his inaugural lecture on November 20th. The lecture is open to the general public.

The Supremacy of Philosophy: On progress and disagreement in philosophy and beyond

This talk is about the progress in philosophy and why there is widespread disagreement among philosophers. I argue for the following theses: 

Massive Progress
Philosophy has made massive progress: i.e., philosophers have found the answers to some of the most important questions humans can ask themselves.

Lack of convergence among philosophers is not a negative.

Strong Pro-Divergence
Lack of convergence is a good thing

The Supremacy of Philosophy
The massive progress of philosophy, combined with the constructive lack of convergence, is evidence of the supremacy of philosophy over other intellectual disciplines - i.e., it is intellectually consistent and honest in a way no other discipline is.  

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