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Stipendiat - Filosofi
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Andre tilknytninger Det humanistiske fakultet (Student)

For more information about me, see my personal homepage.

Academic interests

I work primarily on issues in philosophy of language, as well as in related areas in philosophy of mind, social ontology and cognitive science.

Current work

I am a member of a ConceptLab at the Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas. My research project fits within a broader issue of how is that conceptual engineering can affect the reality of social objects, by investigating the relation between the ontology of social kinds and social kind concepts. In my research project I focus on social kind concepts such as pejorative, racial and gender concepts. I tie social kind concepts to a theoretical framework of conceptual engineering, and tackle the issues of defectiveness and ameliorative strategies for a particular theoretical case.


I received a double BA and a double MA degrees in Philosophy and Croatian Language and Literature from the University of Rijeka (Croatia). I completed my second MA in Philosophy at the Central European University (Budapest). I have spent considerable time conducting research as a visiting fellow at several universities; including the University of St. Andrews, Charles University in Prague, University of Graz, University of Vienna. In addition to my studies, I worked numerous years as an editorial assistant for the European Journal of Analytic Philosophy.

For more information about me, see my personal homepage.

Emneord: Filosofi


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  • Fuš, M. and M. Lee Dupree. forthcoming. The Ghost is Out There. In The X-Files and Philosophy, ed. R. Arp. Chicago: The Open Court Publishing Company.

  • Fuš, M. 2016. Pejoratives as Social Kinds: Objections to Miscevic's Account. In The Word which Bears a Sword – Semantics, Pragmatics and Ethics of Pejoratives, ed. N. Miscevic and J. Perhat, 179-202. Zagreb: KruZak.

  • Fuš, M. and M. Lee Dupree. 2016. Masks, Hearts, and Superheroes. In Batman, Superman, and Philosophy, ed. N. Michaud, 99-108. Chicago: The Open Court Publishing Company.

  • Fuš, M. 2013. An Acquaintance Constraint and a Cognitive Significance Constraint on Singular Thought. Balkan Journal of Philosophy Vol. 5, No. 2: 163-174.   

  • Fuš, M. 2013. Bach’s Constraint on Extending Acquaintance: Some Questions and a Modest  Proposal. Croatian Journal of Philosophy Vol. 8, No. 38: 201-216. (with a short reply from Kent Bach in the same volume).            

  • Fuš, M. 2011. Language Games–and Alice in Chess and Chess in De Saussure’s and Wittgenstein’s Language / Jezicne igre – i Alisa u sahu i sah u jeziku kod De Saussurea i Wittgensteina. Novi Kamov Vol. 41, No. 4: 74-85.      

  • Fuš, M. and A. Mesanovic. 2010. Programs of Affirmative Action and an Objection to its Weaker Model / Programi afirmativne akcije i jedan prigovor oslabljenom obliku afirmativne akcije. In Bioethics and Feminism / Bioetika i feminizam (collected papers from 8th Losinj days of Bioethics): 47-60.

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