Astrid Hovden

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Phone +47-22854625
Visiting address Postboks 1010 Blindern None 0315 OSLO
Other affiliations History of Religion

Tasks performed

Senior Lecturer, History of Religions

Programme Coordinator, Network for University Co-operation Tibet-Norway


REL1001 Religionshistorisk teori

REL3060 Nyreligisøitetens røtter

REL 3010 Buddhism in the contemporary world

REL4530 Topics in Buddhist studies


PhD Religious Studies / Tibetan Studies, UiO 2016

Cand. Philol. Religious Studies, UiB 2006

Tags: History of Religions, Buddhism, Himalaya, Tibet, Qualitative research methods, Rituals, Social History, Environmental History, Climate Change, Research administration


  • Diemberger, Hildegard G.M.; Hovden, Astrid & Yeh, Emily T. (2015). The honour of the snow-mountains is the snow: Tibetan livelihoods in a changing climate, In Christian Huggel; Mark Carey; John J. Clague & Andreas Kääb (ed.),  The High-Mountain Cryosphere: Environmental Changes and Human Risks.  Cambridge University Press.  ISBN 9781107065840.  14.  s 249 - 271
  • Kropacek, J.; Neckel, N.; Tyrna, B.; Holzer, N.; Hovden, Astrid; Gourmelen, Noel; Schneider, Christoph; Buchroithner, Manfred & Hochschild, Volker (2015). Repeated glacial lake outburst flood threatening the oldest Buddhist monastery in north-western Nepal. Natural hazards and earth system sciences.  ISSN 1561-8633.  15(10), s 2425- 2437 . doi: 10.5194/nhess-15-2425-2015
  • Hovden, Astrid (2013). Who were the sponsors? Reflections on recruitment and ritual economy in three Himalayan village monasteries, In Charles Ramble; Peter Schwieger & Alice Travers (ed.),  Tibetans who Escaped the Historian's Net: Studies in the Social History of Tibetan Societies.  Vajra Publications.  ISBN 978-9937623100.  chapter 11.
  • Hovden, Astrid (2011). Ritualised memories: Maintenance of the Saga Dawa festival tradition in contemporary Lhasa, In Gray Tuttle (ed.),  Mapping the Modern in Tibet.  International Institute for Tibetan and Buddhist Studies GmbH.  ISBN 9783038091110.  kapittel 9.  s 327 - 352

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  • Hovden, Astrid (2017). Melting glaciers, religious authorities and new connectivities in Himalayan communities.
  • Hovden, Astrid (2016). Between village and monastery. A historical ethnography of a Tibetan Buddhist community in north-western Nepal.
  • Hovden, Astrid (2016). Monastic Recruitment, Household Organisation, and New Networks of Patronage in a Himalayan Frontier Community.
  • Hovden, Astrid (2016). Patronage, Monastic Recruitment and Household Organisation in a Himalayan Community.
  • Hovden, Astrid (2016, 03. februar). Stolte buddhister.  Morgenbladet, Doktoren svarer.
  • Buchroithner, Manfred; Kropacek, J.; Trültzsch, J.; Himpel, T.; Hovden, Astrid; Holzer, N.; Piezconka, T.; Rosenau, R.; Schöley, S. & Schröter, B. (2014). Kailash/Gurla Mandhata trekking map 11 (Tibet/Nepal 1:100.000). Institute for Cartography of the Dresden University of Technology, first edition..
  • Hovden, Astrid (2014). Five Hundred Years of Flood Management – Environmental Adaption Strategies in a Community in the Nepal Himalayas.
  • Hovden, Astrid (2013). Coping with floods: changing environmental adaptation strategies in a community in the Nepal Himalayas.
  • Hovden, Astrid (2013). Paying the monk tax: Reflections on recruitment and ritual economy in Himalayan village monasteries.
  • Hovden, Astrid (2013). Rinchen Sangpo og den andre spreiinga av buddhismen i Tibet – sett frå Limi, Nepal.
  • Hovden, Astrid (2013). Seminar on Academic Writing and Study Techniques.
  • Hovden, Astrid (2013). Still paying bod khral and mon khral: Taxes and community obligations in a Himalayan village.
  • Hovden, Astrid (2013). Who were the sponsors? Reflections on recruitment and ritual economy in three Himalayan village monasteries.
  • Hovden, Astrid (2012). Ethical considerations in ethnographic fieldwork – experiences from Nepal.
  • Hovden, Astrid (2012). Rinchenling gompa in Halji - the oldest monastery in the Nepal Himalayas?.
  • Ohrvik, Ane & Hovden, Astrid (2012). Erfaringer med å søke og gjennomføre phd-prosjekter.
  • Hovden, Astrid (2011, 24. august). Himalayan village caught between culture and nature. [Internett].  BBC News.
  • Hovden, Astrid (2011). If this is what a small glacial lake flood can do, imagine a big one. Nepali Times.  ISSN 1814-2613.  (564)
  • Hovden, Astrid (2011). Rituals of Rinchenling - preliminary results from fieldwork in Limi, northwestern Nepal.
  • Hovden, Astrid (2011). floodinhumla .
  • Hovden, Astrid (2010). Tibetanske festival- og pilegrimstradisjonar: Feiring av Saga Dawa og Drugpa Tseshi festivalane i dagens Lhasa.
  • Hovden, Astrid (2009). Omgrepet "stad" som analytisk kategori i religionsvitskapen.
  • Hovden, Astrid (2009). Seminar in academic writing.
  • Hovden, Astrid (2007). Celebrating festivals, negotiating memories: A study of the Drugpa Tseshi tradition in Lhasa.
  • Hovden, Astrid (2007). Vidareføring av tibetanske pilegrimstradisjonar i dagens Lhasa.
  • Hovden, Astrid (2006). Ritual, place and memory: maintenance of religious festival traditions in contemporary Lhasa.
  • Hovden, Astrid (2006). Ritualised memories: Maintenance of the Saga Dawa festival tradition in contemporary Lhasa.

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