Book Launch: Being Arab and Modern: “Westernization” and Authenticity in Ottoman Beirut

A book launch seminar with Associate Professor Toufoul Abou-Hodeib, University of Oslo.

Free admission and open to all.

In this seminar, Toufoul Abou-Hodeib will present her new book, A Taste for Home: The Modern Middle Class in Ottoman Beirut (Stanford University Press, 2017). 

During the late Ottoman Empire, new modes of consumption transformed daily life both in the public and private domains. A middle-class culture took form with lifestyles that are generally described as “Westernized” or “Europeanized” both by contemporary observers and by later historians. Taking the example of Beirut and drawing from rich archives in Arabic, Ottoman, French, and English, this talk places middle-class culture at the intersection of local and global transformations, questioning class-based aesthetic theories and static notions of "Westernization" alike.


Toufoul Abou-Hodeib is Associate Professor of History in the Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History at the University of Oslo.


Published Aug. 24, 2017 12:09 PM - Last modified Nov. 29, 2017 1:02 PM