Rethinking Sámi cultures in museums

The conference aims to bring scholars and practitioners from different disciplines and institutions together, in order to exchange perspectives and expand scholarship on Sámi issues related to museums. Registration is required.

Girl`s hat. Bought at Wennbergs shop in Kiruna in 1959. From the exhibition "Sápmi" (2007) at Nordiska museet, Stockholm. Photo: S. O. Mathisen.

Call for Papers

Journal of Nordic Museology (Nordisk Museologi) Special Issue. Deadline June 1st, 2015.

Conference Program

List of participants

Practical information

Online compendium

Conference theme

In the last few years, the politics of collection, representation and curation of Sámi heritage in museums have received increased attention and are now engendering a number of new opportunities and challenges for both museum theory and practice.

There is a felt need to bring academics and museum professionals in contact to build upon and valorize the excellent research on Sámi collections and displays that is being conducted in museums, colleges and universities throughout the Sámi area and beyond.

The intention with the conference is to offer a springboard for long-term exchanges and discussions that will foster our grasp of the politics of representation of Sámi cultures, both in an historical and contemporary perspective, and generate a better understanding of the roles that museums have played and can play in the (re)definition, interpretation, and representation of Sámi cultures.

Please read the conference call for papers.

Keynote speakers

  • Prof. Christina Kreps, Museum of Anthropology, University of Denver, Colorado.
  • Prof. Gunlög Fur, Linnaeus University, Sweden.
  • Dr Birgitta Fossum, Director, Saemien Sijte / South Sámi Museum and Cultural Centre, Norway.
  • Associate Professor Stein R. Mathisen, UiT the Arctic University of Norway.
  • Mr Henrik Olsen, vice-president of the Norwegian Sami Parliament.

Structure of the conference

The conference will begin on Wednesday morning, 26th November, and will close on Friday 28th early afternoon (please see the conference program for details). In addition to 20 minutes paper presentations, there will be sessions for poster presentations introducing new and ongoing research projects or museum initiatives.The language of the conference is English.

Publication plans

Papers presented at the conference will be included in the conference proceedings, which will be published online. In addition, selected papers will be published in a special issue of the peer-reviewed journal Nordic Museology.

Conference organizers and institutional partners

Silje Opdahl Mathisen, Marzia Varutti - Department of Culture and Oriental Studies (IKOS), University of Oslo; Rossella Ragazzi, Tromsø University Museum, the Arctic University of Norway; Eva Silven, Nordiska Museet, Stockholm.

Institutional partners include the Norwegian Sámi Parliament and the Sami Museum Association.

The conference is funded by IKOS, Fritt Ord Foundation, the Norwegian Sámi Parliament, and the Institute for Comparative Research in Human Culture, Oslo.

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