How to visit

When applying for funding, we contacted potential participants at both Universities. The interested faculty members then contacted their respective collaborators at the other end and made a plan for mutual visits during the four years of our collaboration. The list of participants is here

In general, you will have a contact person from your discipline at the other University. This person is the first one to turn to when planning the details of a visit (dates, what kind of lectures you might give, accommodation etc.).

If you are not on the list of participants but wish to be part of the collaboration, please contact Ute Huesken (Oslo) or Oliver Freiberger (Austin).

Before you go ...

Since the financial and practical matters differ, depending on where you are based, and whether you are a graduate student or a faculty member, please follow the links relevant for you in the left column.

Please report the visit

Please fill in the form so that we can publish the visit on this homepage.