Information for students collaborating in the project

The wish to participate

If you are a Graduate student (Oslo: PhD fellow or MA student) and want to participate in the IKOS-Austin Collaboration, you should first of all contact the faculty in your discipline and inquire whether they are connected to the project. All student participation has to go through and be approved by the teaching staff at IKOS/UT. If you and your teacher(s) are unsure whether you are eligible, please contact Ute Huesken (IKOS) or Oliver Freiberger (CoLA).

In general student stipends facilitate the participation at Graduate students' conferences (Jil Jadid in Austin, The first Interdisciplinary Graduate Students Conference in Austin, The Texas Asia Conference, or the conference planned by the Oslo Graduate Students planned for May 2014).


Graduate students in Austin

Graduate students at UT may receive up to the equivalent of 15 000,- NOK as stipend for a visit in Oslo.

PhD fellows and MA students at UiO

PhD fellows and MA students at the UiO may receive up to 15 000,- NOK as stipend for a visit at UT. PHD fellows receive this from the Oslo-Austin Graduate Research Fellowship.


Please have a look at the section scholarships for how to deal with the advance / reimbursement.