South Korea in the United Nations: Global Governance, Inter-Korean Relations and Peace Building

Seminar by Gabriel Jonsson. Stockholm University.Open for all.


The presentation explains what the predictions of membership were at the time of South Korea’s UN admission in 1991 and analyzes whether thesepredictions have been fulfilled or not. First, the main characteristics of the two Koreas’UN policies and the global context in which they pursued the policies prior to becoming members in 1991 are explained. Second, post-1991 developments are explained in far more detail by first presenting what the predictions of South Korea’s membership were and then saying on the basis of six standards of evaluation selected on the basis of the referred literature whether the predictions have been fulfilled or not.

Short bio:

Gabriel Jonsson is Associate Professor in Korean Studies at Stockholm University, Department of Asian, Middle East and Turkish Studies. He received his BA in East Asian Studies in 1987 and his PhD in Korean Studies in 1996, both from Stockholm University. He teaches Korean language, history, politics, economics and inter-Korean relations.

Published Mar. 16, 2017 8:44 AM - Last modified Mar. 16, 2017 8:47 AM