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The 20th International Conference on Conceptual History

The 20th International Conference on Conceptual History will be hosted at the University of Oslo in September 2017.

NB! Registration is now up.

Further information on the conference program will be updated shortly. For dates, call for papers and registration, see below.

The Humanities and Social Sciences Library at Blindern, UiO. Photo: Derivative of Universitetsbiblioteket i Oslo by Kjetil Ree, used under CC BY-SA 3.0 /Text as licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 by Hedda Molland.

Call for papers

Conference registration


Keynote speakers:

Frederic C. Schaffer, professor of political science at University of Massachusetts, who studies the meaning of democracy, voting and elections with a focus on language, including on Senegal and the bilingual relationship between Wolof and French.

Avner Wishnitzer, cultural historian of Ottoman history at Tel Aviv University who recently published the book Reading Clocks Alla Turca: Time and Society in the Late Ottoman Empire. 

Banu Subramaniam, professor of women, gender and sexuality studies at University of Massachusetts, who has published both on Orientalism and the history of biology.



September 21: Litteraturhuset, close to the Palace Park and Nationaltheateret.

September 22-23: The Georg Sverdrup building at campus Blindern, UiO.

Directions to the venues here



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