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Timbuktu Manuscripts Project for the Preservation and Promotion of African Literary Heritage

The project aims to preserve and to improve access to public and private manuscript collections in northern Mali, including some of West Africa's oldest and most important literary heritage.

About the project

Through training and upgrading facilities, the project will increase the capacity of the national Ahmed Baba Institute (IHERI-AB), to perform its essential missions of restoration and conservation, and scientific exploitation and dissemination of the content of the manuscripts currently in its possession. Finally, IHERI-AB will have the capacity to provide services to private collectors and owners. Infrastructure and research collaboration established through the project will be made available to private collectors under service agreements. In the long run, this capacity will be extendable to regional, national, and international collections of literary heritage including archive centers of all kinds.


The ultimate goal of the Timbuktu Manuscripts Project is to preserve and promote wide access to the invaluable cultural and literary heritage held in both public and private collections of manuscripts in the Timbuktu area.

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