Style Sheet

Paper size (A4) and margins

Top: 3.5 cm; bottom: 7.2 cm; left: 4.0 cm; right: 4.0 cm

Gutter: 0; Header: 2.54 cm from edge; Footer: 6 cm from edge; Gutter position: left

(gives a text height of about 19 cm and text width of 13 cm)

Fonts, typesetting and copy-editing

Arial MS Unicode; Times New Roman (Unicode); JaghbUni; Lucida Grande (Mac).

main body: font size: 10 pt, line spacing 12 pt

footnotes: hanging by 0.8 cm; tab after footnote number; footnote text: 8.5 pt; line spacing 10 pt

block quotations: font size 10 pt; indentation 1.0 cm (paragraph indentation for 2nd and following paragraphs in block quotations: 0.4 cm; line spacing: exactly 12 pt, before first paragraph 6 pt, after last paragraph 6pt

page numbers: automatic from word processor

title (A-level): alignment: left, size 14 pt, not bold; spacing: before 32 pt, line spacing 16 pt

author (place/institution): alignment left; size 12 pt, author name in small caps, place in "(...)" no small caps ; spacing: before 32 pt, after 20 pt; line spacing 16 pt

place/institution: size 10 small caps, centered, size 8 space after

abstract: font size 8.5 pt, begin with flush paragraph

B-level subheads: 12 pt, 23.6 pt before, 10 after paragraph, line spacing 10.4 pt

C-level subheads: 10 pt bold, 10 pt before paragraph, 2 after, line spacing 12 pt

Paragraph indentation: 0,5 cm; no indentation after title and/or subhead; no indentation after block quotation

Notes may either be embedded in the text (author-date system) or placed at the bottom of the page as footnotes. Endnotes should not be used in fully formatted documents. The Journal does not require that all authors adhere to the same system for references to sources or other notes, but consistency is expected.

In US English, use the double quote character ("...") for quotations, and the single quote ('...') for sub-quotations. Or the British system may be used if spelling is British. Please use 'smart,' quotes, as here, and avoid confusing apostrophe with hamza or 3ayn, which are separate characters.

Adjectival and adverbial hybrids formed from foreign words (example: "Hanbalite") should not be italicized.

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