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Emneord: South Asia, India, Comsopolitanism, Hinduism, Anthropology, Pilgrimage, Religion and politics, Cultural heritage



Lazzaretti, V. (2016), Varanasi. Le città letterarie, Unicopli, Milano, ISBN:978-88-400-1914-7. 


Chapters and scientific articles:

Lazzaretti, V. (in press), ‘Jnanavapi tra etnografia e storia: note di una ricerca su un pozzo sacro al centro dei pellegrinaggi locali di Varanasi’, in Anantaratnaprabhava. Studi in onore di Giuliano Boccali, Vol. II (India tra religione e storia), in Consonanze, Università degli Studi di Milano.

Lazzaretti, V. (2017), ‘Waterscapes in transition: past and present reshape of sacred water places in Banaras’’, in Baghel R., Hill J. and Stepan L. eds., Water, Knowledge and the Environment in Asia: Epistemologies, practices and locales, Routledge, New Delhi/New York/London, pp. 230-245, ISBN: 9781138685550, eISBN: 9781315543161.

Lazzaretti, V. (2016), ‘Questioning meaningful layers of locality in a pan-Indian tirtha’, in Bignami, C. and Debicka-Borek, Cosmopolitanism and regionalism in Indian cultural dynamics, in Cracow Indological Studies, vol. XVIII, pp. 119-144, ISSN: 1732-0917, eISSN: 2449-8696.

Lazzaretti, V. (2015), ‘Tradition versus urban public bureaucracy? Reshaping pilgrimage routes and religious heritage around contested places’, in Narayanan Y. ed., Religion and Urbanism: Reconceptualising 'Sustainable Cities' for South Asia, Routledge, New Delhi/New York/London, ISBN: 9780415745208, eISBN:9781315798066.

Lazzaretti, V. (2013), ‘Banaras jyotirlingas: constitution and transformations of a transposed divine group and its pilgrimage’, in Kervan, International Journal of Afro-Asian Studies, edited by the University of Turin and Enna, N. 17, pp.1-20, DOI: 10.13135/1825-263X/722, ISSN: 1825-263X.

Lazzaretti, V. (2013), ‘Considerazioni antropologiche sulla trasposizione spaziale: voci e strategie di Kedar ji, un jyotirlinga di Varanasi’, in Angelillo M., ed., Lo spazio dell’India. Luoghi, collocazioni, orientamenti e trasposizioni. Supplemento monografico di Quaderni Asiatici, n. 104 (December 2013), pp. 99-138, ISBN: 8890694955. 

Lazzaretti, V. (2013), ‘Constructing the eternal city of light through history and society: evolution of the image of Kashi in the Eighteenth-Twentieth century picture maps’, in Cracow Indological Studies, vol. 14, Part One, pp. 35-60, ISSN: 1732-0917, eISSN: 2449-8696.

Lazzaretti, V. (2013), ‘Repetition and adaptation: narrative style of the Kashikedaramahatmya’, in Boccali G. and Mucciarelli E., eds., Stylistic devices in Indian literature and art (Gargnano 16-18 September 2010), Quaderni di Acme, Università degli Studi di Milano, Milano, pp. 35-60, ISBN: 9788820510565.



Lazzaretti, V. (2012), ‘Review of Michael S. Dodson, (ed.), Banaras. Urban Forms and Cultural Histories, Routledge, New Delhi and Abingdon, 2012, pp. 251, 50 plates, ISBN: 978-0-415-69377-6’, in Kervan, International Journal of Afro-Asian Studies, edited by the University of Turin and Enna, N. 16, pp. 78-83.

Lazzaretti, V. (2010), ‘Transposed sacred places in Varanasi: connecting local sites to pan-Indian places of pilgrimage’, in Picard D. and Amaral C., eds., Proceedings of the TOCOCU 1st Biannual Conference (Lisbon, Portugal, 9-12 September 2010). Sheffield, UK: TOCOCU (ON CD ROM).

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