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Projects and tasks for The Text Laboratory

Participation in projects in 2017

Other tasks in 2017

  • New development of the search and post-processing tool Glossa. Adapting Glossa for different corpora: the Oslo Multilingual Corpus, Oslo Parallel Corpus, The BokmÃ¥l corpus for Lexicography, NoWaC and speech corpora: BigBrother, TAUS, NoTa, Nordic Dialect Corpus, Ruija, CANS and UPUS.
  • Building new corpora: SKRIV (writing in upper secondary school), NORM (pupil's writing in primary school), NORINT (speech - both conversations and recited speech - and texts from foreign students learning Norwegian), ELENOR (corpus with texts from students learning Spanish), a new Italian speech corpus.
  • Maintenance of IGIN
  • Developement of a chatbot for the webcourse Introduction to Norwegian. Read about the chatbot (in Norwegian)
  • Oslo Parallel Corpus (Building a new parallell corpus at HF)
  • NEALTs home page and post lists
  • Support, guidance and assistance to researchers, research fellows and master students
  • Supervision of postgraduate students and PhD students
  • Planning of new projects, research and publications

See an overview of completed projects



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