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Picture of Lasse Morten Johannesen Johannesen, Lasse Morten Lecturer +47-22857242
Johansen, Gard Atle Fullmektig +47-22854990
Johansen, Stine Camilla Lecturer
Picture of Karl G. Johansson Johansson, Karl G. Professor 22856142 Medieval Studies, Old Norse, Manuscript Culture, Eddic Poetry, Skaldic Poetry, Orality, Literacy
Picture of Karianne Risvik Johnsen Johnsen, Karianne Risvik Study advisor +47 228 55549 Student administration
Picture of Solveig Berg Johnsen Johnsen, Solveig Berg Lecturer
Johnsen, Stausland Professor +47-22856942
Picture of Erik Andre Juriks Juriks, Erik Andre Lecturer +47-22857226
Picture of Jon Gunnar Jørgensen Jørgensen, Jon Gunnar Professor in Norse philology +47-22857636
Picture of Knut E. Karlsen (permisjon) Karlsen (permisjon), Knut E. +47 22 85 48 61 +47 908 77 487
Picture of Helene Killmer Killmer, Helene Doctoral Research Fellow +47 939 54 136 Aphasia, Conversation Analysis, Psycholinguistics, Language impairment, Clinical Linguistics
Picture of Kari Kinn Kinn, Kari Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22857109 Linguistics, Nordic language, Syntax, Historical linguistics, Language contact
Picture of Karoline Kjesrud Kjesrud, Karoline +47-22854282 91829094 Symbols, Cult of Saints, Old Norse Philology, Old Norse Literature, Medieval Studies, Runes, Middle Ages
Picture of Elise Kleivane Kleivane, Elise + 47 22 85 71 15 (office) + 47 917 84 239 Scandinavian literature, Old Norse Philology, Runes, Epigraphy, Inscriptions, Viking Age, Book History, Translation Studies, Medieval History, Lingustic history
Picture of Ingeborg Kongslien Kongslien, Ingeborg Professor Emeritus +47-22855387
Picture of Kristian Emil Kristoffersen Kristoffersen, Kristian Emil +47-22857634 90641995
Picture of Kristoffer Kruken Kruken, Kristoffer Professor +47-22854798
Kulsrud, Nina Senior executive officer +47 22 85 49 75 Administration
Picture of Lill-Ann Körber Körber, Lill-Ann Postdoktor -54295 +47-91996819 Nordic literature, Postcolonialism, Art History
Larsson, Ida Professor 228 57919 Linguistics, syntax, Historical linguistics
Picture of Ingjerd Legreid Legreid, Ingjerd +47 22 85 47 75
Picture of Svein Lie Lie, Svein Professor Emeritus +47-22854942
Picture of Alexander K. Lykke Lykke, Alexander K. Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Julian Kirkeby Lysvik Lysvik, Julian Kirkeby Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22858235
Picture of Helge Lødrup Lødrup, Helge Professor +47-22854831
Laanemets, Anu Associate Professor +47-22854906
Picture of Mikael Males Males, Mikael Associate Professor +47-22857643 Old Norse Philology, Medieval Studies, Skaldic Poetry
Marti, Kristin Torjesen Doctoral Research Fellow
Matthiesen, Christina Associate Professor
Mcghie, Marit Ruud Lecturer +47-22855203
Mellegaard, Olav Lecturer +47-22857401
Picture of Kristen Mills Mills, Kristen Ireland, Old Norse Literature, Old Norse Philology, Middle Ages, Medieval Studies, Medieval Culture
Picture of Birgitte Furberg Moe Moe, Birgitte Furberg Doctoral Research Fellow +47-93094504 Nordic literature, PhD
Picture of Gitte Mose Mose, Gitte Associate Professor +47-22844006
Picture of Annika Bøstein Myhr Myhr, Annika Bøstein +47-22854295 40232852 Narratology, identity, cultural memories, Bakhtin, Lotman, literature, comparative literature, Nordic contemporary literature, Russian literature, Anglophone literature, German literature, sociology
Nordick, Lisa Adviser +47-22856041
Picture of Thorstein Norheim Norheim, Thorstein Associate Professor +47-22858494
Picture of Åshild Næss Næss, Åshild Professor +47-22844093 Linguistics, language documentation, linguistic typology, Language contact, Oceanic languages
Picture of Anders Nøklestad Nøklestad, Anders Senioringeniør +47-22844042
Odden, Oda Røste Doctoral Research Fellow +47-99164489 Linguistics, Norwegian Language, Grammar, Cognitive linguistics
Picture of Maria Oen Oen, Maria Postdoctoral Fellow Middle Ages, Medieval Studies, Medieval art, Art History, Art historical methodology, Manuscript Culture, Renaissance, Medieval Culture, Iconography, Cult of Saints
Picture of Barbro Bredesen Opset Opset, Barbro Bredesen +47 22857901 +47 92828775
Picture of Christian-Emil Smith Ore Ore, Christian-Emil Smith Associate Professor +47-22856968 90117410 Digital Humanities, e-Lexicograpy, Text Encoding, Text Editions, Conceptual Modeling
Picture of Espen Smith Ore Ore, Espen Smith Overingeniør +47-22858189 91390748 (+47) 91390748 Textual criticism, Text Encoding, Hypermedia, Databases, XML
Picture of Elisabeth Oxfeldt Oxfeldt, Elisabeth Professor +47-22856935
Picture of Pritty Patel-Grosz Patel-Grosz, Pritty Professor +47-22844028
Picture of Bianca Patria Patria, Bianca Doctoral Research Fellow Linguistics, Indo-european, Old Norse Philology, Skaldic Poetry, Semantics.
Picture of Stephen Pepper Pepper, Stephen Doctoral Research Fellow 90827246 +47 90827246 typology, cognitive linguistics, compounding
Pharo, Harald Olav K Professor Emeritus +47-22857685
Picture of Joel Priestley Priestley, Joel Senioringeniør +47-22855910