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Picture of Christian-Emil Smith Ore Ore, Christian-Emil Smith Associate Professor +47-22856968 90117410 Digital Humanities, e-Lexicograpy, Text Encoding, Text Editions, Conceptual Modeling
Picture of Espen Smith Ore Ore, Espen Smith Head Engineer +47-22858189 91390748 (+47) 91390748 Textual criticism, Text Encoding, Hypermedia, Databases, XML
Picture of Elisabeth Oxfeldt Oxfeldt, Elisabeth Professor +47-22856935
Picture of Pritty Patel-Grosz Patel-Grosz, Pritty Professor +47-22844028
Picture of Bianca Patria Patria, Bianca Doctoral Research Fellow Linguistics, Indo-european, Old Norse Philology, Skaldic Poetry, Semantics.
Picture of Bianca Patria Patria, Bianca Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Bianca Patria Patria, Bianca Doctoral Research Fellow Linguistics, Indo-european, Old Norse Philology, Skaldic Poetry, Semantics.
Picture of Stephen Pepper Pepper, Stephen Doctoral Research Fellow 90827246 +47 90827246 typology, cognitive linguistics, compounding
Pharo, Harald Olav K Professor Emeritus +47-22857685
Picture of Joel Priestley Priestley, Joel Senior Engineer +47-22855910
Picture of Kate Vivi Rasch Rasch, Kate Vivi Lecturer +47-22856964
Picture of Jan Erik Rekdal Rekdal, Jan Erik Professor +47-22856785
Picture of Solveig Helene Rekdal Rekdal, Solveig Helene + 47 22 85 41 06
Picture of Ingeborg Sophie Bjønness Ribu Ribu, Ingeborg Sophie Bjønness Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ålov Synnøve Runde Runde, Ålov Synnøve +47 22 84 48 74
Picture of Flaten Rune Rune, Flaten +47 22856016
Rustad, Hans Kristian Associate Professor
Picture of Else Ryen Ryen, Else Associate Professor Emerita +47-22854296
Picture of Dagfinn Rødningen Rødningen, Dagfinn +47 22 85 72 15
Picture of Kristian Lødemel Sandberg Sandberg, Kristian Lødemel Doctoral Research Fellow
Sandvei, Bård +47-22856139
Picture of Tom Schmidt Schmidt, Tom Professor +47-22854376
Picture of Elisabeth Selj Selj, Elisabeth Professor Emeritus +47-22854289
Picture of Ida Seljeseth Seljeseth, Ida Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Kari-Anne Selvik Selvik, Kari-Anne +47 22 85 80 29
Picture of Toril Kristin Sjo Sjo, Toril Kristin Senior Lecturer +47-22854294
Solberg, Roger Lecturer +47-22855280
Picture of Terje Spurkland Spurkland, Terje Associate Professor +47-22857757
Stausland Johnsen, Sverre Professor +47 22 85 69 42
Picture of Torill Steinfeld Steinfeld, Torill Professor +47-22858216
Picture of Gro Steinsland Steinsland, Gro Professor Emeritus
Picture of Morten Hvaal  Stenberg Stenberg, Morten Hvaal Higher Executive Officer 228 56086 Student administration, NOR, RETKOM
Picture of Karine Stjernholm Stjernholm, Karine 22 85 71 79
Picture of Terje Svardal Svardal, Terje +47 22 85 84 60
Picture of Silje Svare Svare, Silje +47-22854896
Picture of Andreas Sveen Sveen, Andreas Associate professor +47 22 85 43 02
Takle, Cecilie Cathrine Doctoral Research Fellow
Tangen, Håvard +47 22 84 48 60
Picture of Rolf Theil Theil, Rolf Professor emeritus 95125154
Thomassen, Aida Leistad Lecturer +47-22854289
Picture of May Maria Tollerud Tollerud, May Maria Administrative Head of Studies +47-22 85 49 05 +47-45 50 30 50
Picture of Annely Tomson Tomson, Annely Lecturer +47-22859198
Picture of Arne Torp Torp, Arne +47-22856705 +47-99308790
Picture of Johan Tønnesson Tønnesson, Johan Professor +47-22856986 +47-93295368 +4793295368 Sakprosa, Rhetoric, Nordic language, Nordic literature, Plain language
Picture of Gunnhild Ulfsrud Ulfsrud, Gunnhild Seniorkonsulent (+47) 22 85 68 18
Picture of Sten-Olof Ullström Ullström, Sten-Olof +47-22856218
Picture of Jan Halvor Undlien Undlien, Jan Halvor Head of Office +47-22856747 +47-99425905
Picture of Pawel Kazimierz Urbanik Urbanik, Pawel Kazimierz Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856022 Pragmatics, Interactional Linguistics, Contrastive Linguistics, Polish, Linguistic Politeness, Anthropological linguistics
Picture of Yvonne Wilhelmina Henriëtte Van Baal Van Baal, Yvonne Wilhelmina Henriëtte Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Jozina Vander Klok Vander Klok, Jozina Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22857109 Linguistics, language documentation, Syntax, Semantics