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Picture of Åshild Næss Næss, Åshild Professor +47-22844093 Oceanic languages, language documentation, Language contact, linguistic typology, Linguistics
Picture of Anders Nøklestad Nøklestad, Anders Senior Engineer +47-22844042
Odden, Oda Røste Doctoral Research Fellow +47-99164489 Cognitive linguistics, Grammar, Linguistics, Norwegian Language
Picture of Maria Oen Oen, Maria Postdoctoral Fellow Manuscript Culture, Art historical methodology, Cult of Saints, Renaissance, Middle Ages, Medieval Culture, Medieval art, Iconography, Art History, Medieval Studies
Picture of Christian-Emil Smith Ore Ore, Christian-Emil Smith Associate Professor +47-22856968 90117410 e-Lexicograpy, Conceptual Modeling, Text Editions, Text Encoding, Digital Humanities
Picture of Elisabeth Oxfeldt Oxfeldt, Elisabeth Professor +47-22856935
Picture of Pritty Patel-Grosz Patel-Grosz, Pritty Professor +47-22844028 Syntax, Linguistics, Semantics
Picture of Bianca Patria Patria, Bianca Doctoral Research Fellow Old Norse Philology, Indo-european, Skaldic Poetry, Linguistics, Semantics.
Picture of Stephen Pepper Pepper, Stephen Doctoral Research Fellow 90827246 +47 90827246 typology, binominal lexemes, cognitive linguistics, compounding
Pharo, Harald Olav K Professor Emeritus +47-22857685
Picture of Kate Vivi Rasch Rasch, Kate Vivi Lecturer +47-22856964
Reed, Beatrice Marlèn Unn Gustafsson Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Jan Erik Rekdal Rekdal, Jan Erik Professor +47-22856785
Picture of Ingeborg Sophie Bjønness Ribu Ribu, Ingeborg Sophie Bjønness Doctoral Research Fellow
Rindal, Magnus +47-22856948
Rustad, Hans Kristian Associate Professor +47-22857901
Picture of Else Ryen Ryen, Else Associate Professor Emerita +47-22854296
Picture of Kristian Lødemel Sandberg Sandberg, Kristian Lødemel Doctoral Research Fellow
Sandvei, Bård +47-22856139
Picture of Tom Schmidt Schmidt, Tom Professor, dr. philos. Onomastics +47-97 08 50 60 97085060 Onomastics, Name studies, Norwegian place-names
Picture of Elisabeth Selj Selj, Elisabeth Professor Emeritus +47-22854289
Picture of Ida Seljeseth Seljeseth, Ida Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Toril Kristin Sjo Sjo, Toril Kristin Senior Lecturer +47-22854294
Solberg, Roger Lecturer +47-22855280
Picture of Terje Spurkland Spurkland, Terje Associate Professor +47-22857757