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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Christine Bergh-Smith Bergh-Smith, Christine Executive Officer +47-22856227 Reception
Christiansen, Fredrik Eugen Adviser +47-22854248
Picture of Ingeborg Dalby Dalby, Ingeborg Higher Executive Officer +47-22858685 Student and academic administration, Courses, Examination, Facilitation
Picture of Nadia Karoline Elvebakk Elvebakk, Nadia Karoline Higher Executive Officer +47-22856091
Picture of Britt-Marie Forsudd Forsudd, Britt-Marie Senior Executive Officer +47-22856953 PhD, Research administration, Internationalization of studies and teaching staff exchange, Study administration, Linguistics
Picture of Kristin Hagen Hagen, Kristin Senior Engineer +47-22857110
Holmen, Jon Senior Engineer +47-22854986
Picture of Eszter Horvati Horvati, Eszter (+47) 22 85 48 02 (+47) 922 89 290
Johansen, Gard Atle Secretary +47-22854990
Picture of Karianne Risvik Johnsen Johnsen, Karianne Risvik On leave
Karlstad, Yngvar Higher Executive Officer +47 228 58685
Picture of Kathrine Kjellmann Brachel Kjellmann Brachel, Kathrine Study advisor +47 228 55549 Student administration
Kulsrud, Nina Senior executive officer +47 22 85 49 75 Administration
Nordick, Lisa Adviser +47-22856041
Picture of Espen Smith Ore Ore, Espen Smith Head Engineer +47-22858189 91390748 (+47) 91390748 Textual criticism, Text Encoding, Hypermedia, Databases, XML
Picture of Joel Priestley Priestley, Joel Senior Engineer +47-22855910
Picture of Morten Hvaal  Stenberg Stenberg, Morten Hvaal Higher Executive Officer - on leave Student administration, NOR, RETKOM
Picture of Morten Hvaal  Stenberg Stenberg, Morten Hvaal Higher Executive Officer 228 56086 Student administration, NOR, RETKOM
Picture of May Maria Tollerud Tollerud, May Maria Administrative Head of Studies +47-22 85 49 05 +47-45 50 30 50
Picture of Gunnhild Ulfsrud Ulfsrud, Gunnhild Seniorkonsulent (+47) 22 85 68 18
Picture of Jan Halvor Undlien Undlien, Jan Halvor Head of Office +47-22856747 +47-99425905
Picture of Tore Fjetland Øgaard Øgaard, Tore Fjetland Programme coordinator +47 228 56089 Student and academic administration, Admission, Student guidance, Programme descriptions, Leave of absence, Part-time, Academic/social funds