UTSATT: New access to an iconic dictionary: Ivar Aasen’s Norsk Ordbog (1873) in electronic format

Foredraget ved Christian-Emil Ore og Oddrun Grønvik er utsatt til 21. april. Arrangementet er åpent for alle.

The linguist and lexicographer Ivar Aasen published his Norsk Ordbok med Dansk Forklaring (Norwegian dictionary with Explanation in Danish) in 1873. This publishing event marks a watershed within linguistic research and language policy in Norway. The dictionary immediately became a) a reference point for the emerging scientific exploration of the Norwegian spoken language, b)  a defining factor in establishing the Nynorsk written language, and in consequence c) a defining factor for the development of  literacy and literature in Norway.

The 1873 dictionary is not easy to access for today’s user. Norsk Ordbog is a synthesis of speech materials collected through more than 30 years, and presents a proposed standard for written Norwegian with place – location - as the main source category. The entry format is well organized, but the dictionary is written as a running text, and contains information on a much larger number of base forms than those used as entry headings.

An electronic, searchable and linkable edition has therefore been both necessary and hoped for. The chief requirement to an electronic edition is of course that it must be easy to use, and support current and general research needs, while presenting the original text free from skewing.

In this seminar, two main approaches will be discussed to the task of providing an electronic edition of Norsk Ordbog:

Christian-Emil Ore will address considerations of principle activated in providing categorisation and searchability to older scientific text, organised on different premises from those of today. Interpretation dilemmas are unavoidable. How can such dilemmas most usefully be handled? And how does one select reliable main categories without imposing on Ivar Aasen points of view that he never held?

In addition to the entry headwords, many base forms which could have been entry headwords lie embedded in the dictionary text. How to pick out embedded base forms for expressions of speech variants? And what does the location information mean? Oddrun Grønvik will look at methods of identifying base forms and at the linking between word form and place expressed in Norsk Ordbog med Dansk Forklaring.


Publisert 23. jan. 2017 18:09 - Sist endret 18. apr. 2017 11:47