Department Board

The Department Board is the department's hightest authority, with responsibility for setting the the department's main objectives, priorities and strategies. The current board is elected for 2013-2016.

Members of the board Deputy members
Karen Gammelgaard Head of Department / Chair  
Jakob Lothe Deputy Head of Department  
Karina Kleiva Secretary  
Atle Grønn Representantive academic staff Gjertrud Flermoen Stenbrenden (1st deputy)
Hans Petter Helland Representantive academic staff Eva Sarfi (2nd)
Rebecca Scherr Representantive academic staff Elizaveta Khachaturyan (3rd)
Henrik Torjusen Representantive temporary staff  
Tor Erik Johnsen Representantive administration Mons Andreas Finne Vedøy (1st), Hans Joar Johannessen (2nd)
Julia Kagge External representantive Jon Arild Olsen (1st)
Øystein Mæhlum Representantive students Marion Regina Eugénie Olafsen (1st)
Karoline Lilleås Sandal Representantive Students Oskar Njaa (2nd)

Permanent members

Head of Department, three representatives for the academic staff, one for the temporary staff, one for the administrative staff, one external representative and two student representatives.

Term length

The board is chaired by the Head of Department and the board members sit for a term of four years.

The student representatives and representative for the temporary academic staff are elected for one year at a time.

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