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Picture of Juan Lopez Pellicer Pellicer , Juan Lopez Professor emeritus Spanish, Spanish literature, Spanish culture
Picture of Alexander Peter Pfaff Pfaff, Alexander Peter Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22856902
Picture of Anneliese Pauline Pitz Pitz, Anneliese Pauline Associate Professor +47-22855975
Picture of Heinz-Peter Prell Prell, Heinz-Peter Professor +47-22856903
Picture of Riccardo Pulicani Pulicani, Riccardo Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856745 Linguistics, Semantics, Syntax, Italian.
Picture of Agnieszka Pysz Pysz, Agnieszka Senior Lecturer +47-22858618 Grammar, Contrastive linguistics, Translation, English, English Language
Picture of Kari Anne Rand Rand, Kari Anne Professor Emerita English, Middle English, Middle English Prose, Late Medieval manuscripts, Handwriting, Chaucer
Picture of Elizabeth Rasmussen Rasmussen, Elizabeth Senior Lecturer +47-22845924
Picture of Eva Refsdal Refsdal, Eva Senior Lecturer +47-22855228
Picture of Christian  Refsum Refsum, Christian Professor +47-22844583 +47 93820707 Literature, Literary Theory, Aesthetic theory, Translation theory, Writing, Poetry
Picture of Ragnhild Evang Reinton Reinton , Ragnhild Evang Professor emerita
Picture of Tore Rem Rem, Tore Professor +47-22856970
Picture of Annika Rockenberger Rockenberger, Annika Doctoral Research Fellow +47 - 22 85 68 88 Litteratur, Tysk litteratur, Litteraturvitenskap, Edisjonsfilologi, Digital Humaniora, Filosofi, Normativitet
Picture of Anastasia Kriachko Roeren Roeren, Anastasia Kriachko Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856890 Eastern Europe, Russia, Balkans, Media use and media effects, Multimodal texts, Nationalism, Nation-building, National identity, Media, Image, Documentary, Archives, Memory
Picture of Maryia Rohava Rohava, Maryia Area Studies, Russia, Belarus, Nationalism, Post-Soviet, Political regime, Social movements, Political anthropology
Picture of Maximino Jesus Ruiz Rufino Rufino, Maximino Jesus Ruiz Professor +47-22844714 Spanish, Spanish Language, Spanish grammar, Podcast
Picture of Antin Fougner Rydning Rydning, Antin Fougner Professor +47-22856832
Picture of Anne Birgitte Rønning Rønning, Anne Birgitte Professor +47-22856741 Comparative literature, Literary theory, Gender and aesthetics, Modernism, Robinsonades, Historical novels, Women's literary history, Digital Humanities, Book History
Picture of Sergio Sabbatini Sabbatini, Sergio Lecturer +47-22856355 Italian, Italian Literature
Picture of Sarah Salameh Salameh, Sarah Higher Executive Officer +47-22856931 Service funtions, Mail and postage, Reception, Purchasing, Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Trond Kruke Salberg Salberg, Trond Kruke Professor +47-22856830 48009785 +47-48009785 French, Literature, Old French Language and Literature, Arthurian literature
Picture of Christine Meklenborg Salvesen Salvesen, Christine Meklenborg Associate Professor +47-22857338 90720200 +47-90720200 Diachronic linguistics, Verb Second, syntax, word order, clitics, French Language
Picture of Ingeborg Sanner Sanner, Ingeborg Lecturer +47-22854886 Dutch, Dutch Literature
Santos, Diana Sousa Marques Professor +47-22857657 natural language processing, Portuguese, semantics, Translation, Corpus linguistics, Contrastive linguistics, Cultural Studies, Statistics
Sarfi, Eva Lecturer +47-22856796 Area Studies, Central Europe, Hungary
Saric, Ljiljana Professor +47-22858270 Linguistics, Cognitive linguistics, Semantics, Pragmatics, Discourse Analysis, Lexicography, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian
Picture of Nikolay Sarkisyan Sarkisyan, Nikolay Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856779
Picture of Rebecca Scherr Scherr, Rebecca Associate Professor +47-22856944 Literature, Contemporary Literature, Film, Modernism, Women Writers, Gender Theory, Queer Theory, Critical Race Theory
Picture of Johan Schimanski Schimanski, Johan Professor +47-22854314 Comparative Literature, Literary Theory, Literary History, Borders, National identity, Postcolonialism, Arctic discourses, Welsh, Science Fiction, Author museums, leadership ILOS, head of research
Picture of Margarete Schättle Schättle, Margarete
Picture of Tone Selboe Selboe, Tone Professor +47-22856975 Literature, Realism, Modernism, Hermeneutics, Urban literature, Camilla Collett, Karen Blixen, Cora Sandel, Virginia Woolf
Picture of Kirsti Sellevold Sellevold, Kirsti Adviser +47-22845693
Sharp, Cameron Andrew Lecturer +47-22858793
Simcic, Eva Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856910
Picture of Thomas Sirges Sirges, Thomas Professor +47-22855900 German, Germany
Picture of Hans H Skei Skei, Hans H Professor Emeritus Literature, American Literature, Novel, Crime Fiction, Norwegian contemporary literature, William Faulkner
Skjær, Sonja
Picture of Tina Skouen Skouen, Tina Associate Professor - English Language Literature +4722856899 +4797617639 English; Literature; Rhetoric; Rhetoric of science; Renaissance; Early modern; Humanism; History of the book; Emblems
Picture of Ole Sneltvedt Sneltvedt, Ole Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856977 republicanism, America, Arendt, commons, public, the political, materiality, spatiality, things
Picture of Ida Hove Solberg Solberg, Ida Hove Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22855075 91605474 +47 916 05 474 Translation, Translation Studies, French Language, English
Picture of Hanne Katinka Solhaug Solhaug, Hanne Katinka Adviser +47-22844734 Administration
Picture of Kristina Solum Solum, Kristina Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856951 Translation, Translation Studies, Spanish, French, English, Literature
Picture of Alexandra Anna Spalek Spalek, Alexandra Anna Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22844724
Spaans, Ronny Grønning Senior Lecturer
Picture of Belinda Molteberg Steen Steen, Belinda Molteberg Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854047
Picture of Kevin Steinman Steinman, Kevin Lecturer +47-22856713 British Literature, American Literature, American Civilization
Picture of Gjertrud Flermoen Stenbrenden Stenbrenden, Gjertrud Flermoen Associate Professor +47-22855993 English, English Language, Phonetics, Dialectology, Historical linguistics
Picture of Knut Stene-Johansen Stene-Johansen, Knut Professor +47-22854163 +47-91361720 Literature, Aesthetics
Stengaard, Birte Professor +47-22856158
Sydhagen, Petter Bogen Higher Executive Officer +47-22856803