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Picture of Jacob Thaisen Thaisen, Jacob Associate Professor +47-22845882 Sociolinguistics, Manuscript Culture, Diachronic linguistics, Dialectology, Diachronic linguistics, Writing, English
Picture of Øyvind Thormodsæter Thormodsæter, Øyvind Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856238 90996968
Picture of Henrik Torjusen Torjusen, Henrik Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859096 Literature, American Literature, Money, Jonathan Franzen, Tom Wolfe
Picture of Tone Sundt Urstad Urstad, Tone Sundt Professor em.
Picture of Geir Uvsløkk Uvsløkk, Geir Associate Professor +47-22855363 French civilization, Literary Theory, French literature
Picture of Mons Andreas Finne Vedøy Vedøy, Mons Andreas Finne Administrative Head of Studies +47-22844735
Picture of Francesco Venturi Venturi, Francesco Associate Professor +47-22845950 Archives, Renaissance Literature, Contemporary Literature, Italian Literature, Textual criticism, Italian
Picture of Stijn Vervaet Vervaet, Stijn Associate Professor +47-22856710 Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Balkans, Central Europe, Memory Studies, Comparative literature, Cultural history
Picture of Kristin Marie Veum Veum, Kristin Marie Higher Executive Officer +47-22856898
Picture of Drude von der Fehr von der Fehr, Drude Professor em. Semiotics, Contemporary drama, Dante, Jon Fosse, Literature, Comparative literature
Picture of Ruprecht von Waldenfels von Waldenfels, Ruprecht Associate Professor +47-22857022 Russia
Picture of Matthew Williamson Williamson, Matthew Senior Lecturer +47-22858083 British Literature
Picture of Atle Libæk Wold Wold, Atle Libæk Associate Professor +47-22858350 Great Britain
Picture of Tanya Zaharchenko Zaharchenko, Tanya Research Fellow in Ukrainian Studies +47 228 55602 Ukraine, Area Studies, Borders, Contemporary Literature, Cultural Studies, East European Studies, Russia, National identity
Picture of Nina Zandjani Zandjani, Nina +47-22858618 German literature, Middle East, Translation Studies, German, Translation
Picture of Inger Østenstad Østenstad, Inger Associate Professor +47-22858320 Literature, Comparative literature, Literary Theory
Picture of Giorgia D'Aprile Østvær Østvær, Giorgia D'Aprile Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856852
Picture of Cecilie Bjerknes Aarre Aarre, Cecilie Bjerknes Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856778