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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Roar Lishaugen Lishaugen, Roar Associate Professor +47-22845883 Czech, Central Europe, History of Reading, Book History, Cultural Studies, Discourse Analysis
Picture of Álvaro Llosa Sanz Llosa Sanz, Álvaro Associate Professor +47-22855532 +47 22 85 55 32 Spanish Literature, Literary Theory, Book History, Renaissance Literature, Hypermedia, Media history, Rhetoric, Material Culture, Digital Humanities, Digital Literacy
Lopez Rios, Mexitli Nayeli Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856909
Picture of Jakob Lothe Lothe, Jakob Professor +47-22856897
Picture of Mark Luccarelli Luccarelli, Mark Associate Professor +47-22856724
Picture of Christine Myrdal Lukash Lukash, Christine Myrdal Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845755 Russian, Russia, Migration, National identity
Picture of Michael Lundblad Lundblad, Michael Professor +47-22856007 Literature, American literature, Animal Studies, Animality Studies, Disability Studies, Illness Studies, Cultural Studies, Critical Theory, Literary Theory, USA, North America
Picture of Signe Laake Laake, Signe Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854876
Picture of Leiv Marsteintredet Marsteintredet, Leiv Associate Professor +47 22 85 44 13 +47 41 27 11 54 Latin America, Comparative politics, Dominican Republic, Venezuela
Picture of Alba Morollón Diaz-Faes Morollón Diaz-Faes, Alba Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854968 Gender Studies, Queer Theory, Fairytales and legends, Contemporary Literature
Picture of Iris Muñiz Muñiz, Iris Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22855222 Comparative literature, Spanish, Spanish literature, Translation, Gender and Feminist Studies, Spanish reception of Ibsen
Picture of Marthe Handå Myhre Myhre, Marthe Handå Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854160 Migration, Russia, Nationalism, Nation-building, citizenship
Picture of Audun Johannes Mørch Mørch, Audun Johannes Associate Professor +47-22856746 Russian, Russian literature
Picture of Axel Nissen Nissen, Axel Professor of American Literature +47-22856889 American Literature, Gay Literature, Gender Studies, American Film History
Picture of Trond Gunnar Nordenstam Nordenstam, Trond Gunnar Senior Lecturer +47-22856848 Russian, Translation
Picture of Wencke Ophaug Ophaug, Wencke Associate Professor +47-22856872 Tysk språk, Fonetikk
Picture of Tor Opsvik Opsvik, Tor Senior Lecturer +47-22854885 90782866 Economic History, Latin America, Chile, Argentina
Picture of Gloria Otchere Otchere, Gloria Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845834 Ghanaian English, language variation, present perfect, preterite
Picture of Juan Christian Pellicer Pellicer, Juan Christian Professor +47-22856893 Poetry, Eighteenth-Century Studies, Reception Studies, Shakespeare, Pastoral, Georgic, Epic, Generic Mixture, Alexander Pope, John Milton, Allusion
Picture of Alexander Peter Pfaff Pfaff, Alexander Peter Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22856902
Picture of Anneliese Pauline Pitz Pitz, Anneliese Pauline Associate Professor +47-22855975
Picture of Heinz-Peter Prell Prell, Heinz-Peter Professor +47-22856903
Pulicani, Riccardo Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856745 Semantics
Picture of Agnieszka Pysz Pysz, Agnieszka Senior Lecturer +47-22858618 Grammar, Contrastive linguistics, Translation, English, English Language
Picture of Elizabeth Rasmussen Rasmussen, Elizabeth Senior Lecturer +47-22845924