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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Eva Refsdal Refsdal, Eva Senior Lecturer +47-22855228
Picture of Christian Thorleif Refsum Refsum, Christian Thorleif Professor +47-22844583 Literature, Literary Theory, Aesthetic theory, Translation theory, Writing, Poetry
Picture of Tore Rem Rem, Tore Professor +47-22856970
Picture of Annika Rockenberger Rockenberger, Annika Doctoral Research Fellow +47 - 22 85 68 88 Litteratur, Tysk litteratur, Litteraturvitenskap, Edisjonsfilologi, Digital Humaniora, Filosofi, Normativitet
Picture of Anastasia Kriachko Roeren Roeren, Anastasia Kriachko Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856890 Eastern Europe, Russia, Balkans, Media use and media effects, Multimodal texts, Nationalism, Nation-building, National identity, Media, Image, Documentary, Archives, Memory
Picture of Maryia Rohava Rohava, Maryia Area Studies, Russia, Belarus, Nationalism, Post-Soviet, Political regime, Social movements, Political anthropology
Picture of Maximino Jesus Ruiz Rufino Rufino, Maximino Jesus Ruiz Professor +47-22844714 Spanish, Spanish Language, Spanish grammar, Podcast
Picture of Antin Fougner Rydning Rydning, Antin Fougner Professor +47-22856832
Picture of Anne Birgitte Rønning Rønning, Anne Birgitte Professor +47-22856741 Comparative literature, Literary theory, Gender and aesthetics, Modernism, Robinsonades, Historical novels, Women's literary history, Digital Humanities, Book History
Picture of Sergio Sabbatini Sabbatini, Sergio Lecturer +47-22856355 Italian, Italian Literature
Picture of Trond Kruke Salberg Salberg, Trond Kruke Professor +47-22856830 48009785 +47-48009785 French, Literature, Old French Language and Literature, Arthurian literature
Picture of Christine Meklenborg Salvesen Salvesen, Christine Meklenborg Associate Professor +47-22857338 90720200 +47-90720200 Diachronic linguistics, Verb Second, syntax, word order, clitics, French Language
Picture of Ingeborg Sanner Sanner, Ingeborg Lecturer +47-22854886 Dutch, Dutch Literature
Santos, Diana Sousa Marques Professor +47-22857657 natural language processing, Portuguese, semantics, Translation, Corpus linguistics, Contrastive linguistics, Cultural Studies, Statistics
Sarfi, Eva Lecturer +47-22856796 Area Studies, Central Europe, Hungary
Saric, Ljiljana Professor +47-22858270 Linguistics, Cognitive linguistics, Semantics, Pragmatics, Discourse Analysis, Lexicography, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian
Picture of Nikolay Sarkisyan Sarkisyan, Nikolay Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856779
Picture of Rebecca Scherr Scherr, Rebecca Associate Professor +47-22856944 Literature, Contemporary Literature, Film, Modernism, Women Writers, Gender Theory, Queer Theory, Critical Race Theory
Picture of Johan Schimanski Schimanski, Johan Professor +47-22854314 Comparative Literature, Literary Theory, Literary History, Borders, National identity, Postcolonialism, Arctic discourses, Welsh, Science Fiction, Author museums, leadership ILOS, head of research
Picture of Tone Selboe Selboe, Tone Professor +47-22856975 Literature, Realism, Modernism, Hermeneutics, Urban literature, Camilla Collett, Karen Blixen, Cora Sandel, Virginia Woolf
Sharp, Cameron Andrew Lecturer +47-22858793
Simcic, Eva Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856910
Picture of Thomas Sirges Sirges, Thomas Professor +47-22855900 German, Germany
Skjær, Sonja
Picture of Tina Skouen Skouen, Tina Associate Professor - English Language Literature +4722856899 +4797617639 English; Literature; Rhetoric; Rhetoric of science; Renaissance; Early modern; Humanism; History of the book; Emblems