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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Kristina Solum Solum, Kristina Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856951 Translation, Translation Studies, Spanish, French, English, Literature
Picture of Alexandra Anna Spalek Spalek, Alexandra Anna Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22844724
Spaans, Ronny Grønning Senior Lecturer +47-22854885
Picture of Belinda Molteberg Steen Steen, Belinda Molteberg Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854047
Picture of Kevin Steinman Steinman, Kevin Lecturer +47-22856713 British Literature, American Literature, American Civilization
Picture of Gjertrud Flermoen Stenbrenden Stenbrenden, Gjertrud Flermoen Associate Professor +47-22855993 English, English Language, Phonetics, Dialectology, Historical linguistics
Picture of Knut Stene-Johansen Stene-Johansen, Knut Professor +47-22854163 +47-91361720 Literature, Aesthetics
Stengaard, Birte Professor +47-22856158
Picture of Kjell Johan Sæbø Sæbø, Kjell Johan Professor +47-22855271 +47-47840234 +47-47840234
Picture of Kristina Tanaskovic Tanaskovic, Kristina Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856885 Linguistics, Cognitive linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian
Picture of Jacob Thaisen Thaisen, Jacob Associate Professor +47-22845882 English, Diachronic linguistics, Manuscript Culture, Writing, Sociolinguistics, Dialectology, Diachronic linguistics
Picture of Øyvind Thormodsæter Thormodsæter, Øyvind Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856238
Picture of Henrik Torjusen Torjusen, Henrik Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859096 Literature, American Literature, Money, Jonathan Franzen, Tom Wolfe
Picture of Geir Uvsløkk Uvsløkk, Geir Associate Professor +47-22855363 French literature, French civilization, Literary Theory
Picture of Jeroen Vandaele Vandaele, Jeroen Professor +47-22856121 Spanish, Comedy, Cognitive Poetics, Narrative theory, Translation Studies, Discourse Analysis, Censorship, Francoism
Picture of Francesco Venturi Venturi, Francesco Associate Professor +47-22845950 Italian Literature, Italian, Renaissance Literature, Contemporary Literature, Textual criticism, Archives
Picture of Stijn Vervaet Vervaet, Stijn Associate Professor +47-22856710 Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Balkans, Central Europe, Memory Studies, Comparative literature, Cultural history
von Waldenfels, Ruprecht Associate Professor +47-22857022
Picture of Matthew Williamson Williamson, Matthew Senior Lecturer +47-22858083
Picture of Atle Libæk Wold Wold, Atle Libæk Associate Professor +47-22858350 Area Studies, Britain, Great Britain
Picture of Tanya Zaharchenko Zaharchenko, Tanya Research Fellow in Ukrainian Studies +47 228 55602 Ukraine, Area Studies, Borders, Contemporary Literature, Cultural Studies, East European Studies, Russia, National identity
Picture of Nina Zandjani Zandjani, Nina +47-22858618 Translation, Translation Studies, German, German literature, Middle East
Picture of Inger Østenstad Østenstad, Inger Associate Professor +47-22858320 Comparative literature, Literature, Literary Theory
Picture of Giorgia D'Aprile Østvær Østvær, Giorgia D'Aprile Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856852
Picture of Cecilie Bjerknes Aarre Aarre, Cecilie Bjerknes Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856778