Agnieszka Pysz

Senior Lecturer - Britisk-amerikansk
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Phone +47-22858618
Room 623 NT (6th floor)
Visiting address Niels Henrik Abels vei 36 Niels Treschows hus 0851 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1003 Blindern 0315 OSLO



Tags: English Language, Contrastive linguistics, English, Grammar, Translation


  • Pysz, Agnieszka (2008). On the placement of prenominal adjectives with complements: Evidence from Old English, In Jacek Witkos & Gisbert Fanselow (ed.),  Witko¿, Jacek & Gisbert Fanselow (eds.) Elements of Slavic and Germanic grammars: A comparative view.  Peter Lang Publishing Group.  ISBN 978-3-631-57857-5.  s 147 - 177
  • Pysz, Agnieszka (2007). The (im)possibility of stacking adjectives in early English, In Isabel Moskowich-Spiegel & Begona Crespo-Garcia (ed.),  Moskowich-Spiegel, Isabel & Begoña Crespo-García (eds.) Bells chiming from the past: Cultural and linguistic studies on Early English.  Rodopi.  ISBN 978-90-420-2341-3.  s 15 - 35
  • Pysz, Agnieszka (2007). The usage of demonstratives in the Peterborough Chronicle against the background of the Old English paradigm, In Alexander Bergs & Janne Skaffari (ed.),  Bergs, Alexander & Janne Skaffari (eds.) The language of the Peterborough Chronicle.  Peter Lang Publishing Group.  ISBN 978-3-631-56454-7.
  • Pysz, Agnieszka (2007). True or false? Postposition of adjectives in Old English, In Krygier Marcin & Liliana Sikorska (ed.),  Sikorska, Liliana & Marcin Krygier (eds.) The propur langage of Englische men.  Peter Lang Publishing Group.  ISBN 3631575343.  s 29 - 54

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  • Pysz, Agnieszka (2009). The syntax of prenominal and postnominal adjectives in Old English. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.  ISBN 9781443813983.  331 s.

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