Egle Kesylyte-Alliks

Academic Interests

Nationalism, legitimacy and identity of political actors, political philosophy and theory, European and post-Soviet regions

Higher education and employment history

Master’s degree in European Studies from Aarhus University in Denmark and Bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences from the Institute of International Relations and Political Science at Vilnius University in Lithuania.

PhD Project

Symbolic national identity building in Lithuania after 1990

The question of national identity construction in Lithuania has been analysed within different fields of academic research even though, when speaking of nationalism in the post-Soviet space, the case of Lithuania has attracted less international attention compared to its Baltic neighbours, Estonia and Latvia. The strategies of national identity building via the use of various forms of symbols, however, have been little researched so far. Therefore, the knowledge on this topic is still relatively fragmented.

Thus, the objective of this project is to analyse the effect that strategies of symbolic national identity construction have on the three largest ethnic groups in Lithuania and to investigate possible tensions such strategies bring about.

To attain this goal it will be necessary, first, to discuss the attempts of the state to create and foster a national identity that the citizens of Lithuania would adhere to. Then the examination of the reaction, which such strategies evoke among Polish, Russian and Lithuanian ethnic groups, will be done.

This will be carried out by conducting several focus groups and around 30 semi-structured in-depth interviews. The target group will be respondents, who started their schooling already in the independent Lithuania and are at least 18 years old with the right to vote in the elections.

Hopefully, my project will help to evaluate the degree of “success” of the state in the nation-building process by providing the analysis of the “reception” of such efforts among the population.

Tags: Nationalism, Legitimacy, Political philosophy, Political theory, Europe, Post-Soviet region, National identity


  • Kesylytė-Alliks, Eglė (2017). Discursive construction of Lithuania’s “others:” the case of Belarus. Nationalities Papers.  ISSN 0090-5992.  45(1), s 80- 95 . doi: 10.1080/00905992.2016.1250068
  • Kesylytė-Alliks, Eglė (2017). “Locked Up” in Nation States: Perceptions of the Relations between the State and National Community within Political and Social Discourse in Lithuania. Druzboslovne razprave.  ISSN 0352-3608.  33(85), s 73- 89

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  • Kesylyte-Alliks, Egle (2017). (In)visible Power of the State: National Flag, Nation and State in post-1990 Lithuania.
  • Kesylytė-Alliks, Eglė (2016). National flags and negotiation of collective identities: A study of public and social discourses.

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