Johannes Due Enstad

Postdoctoral Fellow - Slavic/Eastern Europe
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Phone +47-22854497
Room NT 1123
Visiting address Niels Henrik Abels vei 36 Niels Treschows hus 0851 OSLO
Postal address Pb 1003 0315 OSLO

Academic interests

With a background in history and Russian studies, I am primarily interested in Soviet and post-Soviet history. My doctoral research, a study of Soviet Russians under Nazi occupation, explores the socio-economic as well as the religious and political dimensions of everyday life in German-occupied northwest Russia during World War II.

My current postdoctoral project focuses on the history of right-wing militancy in post-Soviet Russia and pursues two main research questions: How did a violent right-wing extremist movement strike root in Russia in the 1990s, and why did it grow so exceptionally violent (compared to its European sister movements) in the course of the 2000s?

I am also interested in the topic of Russian foreign fighters in the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war and the question of violent antisemitism in contemporary Europe.

I blog about these and related topics at The Restless Russianist.

See also my personal website and my profile on ResearchGate.

Courses taught


Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages, University of Oslo, 2016-

Research Fellow, Center for Research on Extremism (C-REX), University of Oslo, 2016-

Researcher, Center for Studies of the Holocaust and Religious Minorities (HL-senteret), 2015

Researcher, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI), 2013-15

Visiting Scholar, Harriman Institute, Columbia University, 2012

PhD Research Fellow, Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History, University of Oslo, 2010-13


  • FFI Publication Award, 2013
  • Nominated by Nordisk Østforum for Journal Article of the Year, 2011 (Universitetsforlaget)
Tags: Russian history, Post-Soviet Russia, Second World War, right-wing extremism, terrorism


  • Enstad, Johannes Due (2016). Prayers and patriotism in Nazi-Occupied Russia: The Pskov Orthodox Mission and religious revival, 1941-1944. Slavonic and East European Review.  ISSN 0037-6795.  94(3), s 468- 496 . doi: 10.5699/slaveasteurorev2.94.3.0468 Show summary
  • Enstad, Johannes Due (2015). "Glory to Breivik!": the Russian Far Right and the 2011 Norway Attacks. Terrorism and Political Violence.  ISSN 0954-6553. . doi: 10.1080/09546553.2015.1008629
  • Enstad, Johannes Due (2011). Putinistisk historiepolitikk : oppussing av fortiden i Putins Russland. Nordisk Østforum.  ISSN 0801-7220.  25(4), s 321- 344
  • Enstad, Johannes Due (2010). De arabiske jødenes eksodus: Bakgrunn og årsaker. Babylon - Nordisk tidsskrift for Midtøstenstudier.  ISSN 1503-5727.  8(2), s 120- 131
  • Enstad, Johannes Due (2010). Historiografisk forsoning? Beleiringen av Leningrad i sovjetisk og russisk historieskrivning. Etter Lemkin: Tidsskrift for studier av folkemord og politisk massevold.  ISSN 1891-084X.  2(3), s 54- 63
  • Enstad, Johannes Due (2008). Israel and the Exodus of the Jews of Arab Countries. Fortid.  ISSN 1504-1913.  (3), s 28- 34
  • Enstad, Johannes Due (2006). Willing Executioners? The participation of 'ordinary men' in the destruction of the European Jews. Fortid.  ISSN 1504-1913.  (3), s 69- 72

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  • Enstad, Johannes Due (2017). Antisemitic Violence in Europe, 2005-2015. Exposure and Perpetrators in France, UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Russia. Full text in Research Archive. Show summary
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