Migration, borders and identity

This research group consists of scholars dealing with literature, linguistics, area and cultural studies interested in migration, real and metaphorical borders, and how these phenomena shape the individual and collective identity of the subjects involved.

Image source: Carlos Spottorno. El País. 2016.

About the group

Our research topics include the following areas of interest:

1. Migration in Europe and Scandinavia (2015–)

Recent forced migration toward Europe has had a deep cognitive and emotional impact on migrant subjects, shaping their economic situation and their individual and collective identity. It has disrupted not only migrants’ own consciences, but also the way that national governments in Europe and worldwide have perceived what now is referred to in the media as the refugee or migrant crisis.

We are interested in the realities and the textual and cultural representations of both emigration and immigration and the economic, sociocultural, and cognitive effects that migration may have not only on migrants but also on European citizens and national institutions. Our objective is to study these representations of both emigration and immigration in Europe and Scandinavia in relation to their historical and social background, and from an interdisciplinary and international perspective.

Specific topics of interest include:

– Visual representation of migration in various sources: the role of visual symbols, metaphors, and metonymies

– Monomodal and multimodal metaphors in migration discourse, and their identity-building force


2. Migration and borders in literature and the arts: contemporary and historical perspectives

– Negotiation of identity, migration, and borders in contemporary literary works

– The relation of literary and arts representations to their broader social context

Academic programs and courses

EUS4010 – Master's course

Borders, Bodies, and Memories: Cultural and textual representations of migration in Europe and Scandinavia (2015-2018)

Subprojects and activities

A workshop is planned for September 2018. More information soon.

Tags: migration, cultural representations, borders, bodies, memories, forced mobility, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, political discourse, citizenship, Eastern Europe, Spain, Italia
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Nelson González-Ortega

E-mail: nelson.gonzalez-ortega@ilos.uio.no