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LITEM - Literary Emergencies

LITEM is a research group that concerns itself with literature as a form through which society reflects upon itself and its various crises. We study crises and emergencies through history, across literary forms and in interdisciplinary constellations. Our research questions regard issues of identity, community and society and emphasize aesthetical, material, emotional and bodily perspectives.

About the group:

LITEM develops new theoretical competence to address the role of literature in the public sphere, drawing on the long traditions of literary study.

LITEM (lat. acc. "lawsuit") – the word – connotes certain juridical and court procedures, as when guardians ad litem assists victims that cannot adequately represent their own interests, which indicates that LITEM – the research group – takes up the role as advocate of literary experience, imagination, exchange and taste. Current situations in many different local contexts globally, as well as the many and rapid changes taking place in late modernity, emphasize the urgent need to conceive of new ways of thinking what place should be assigned to literature and to literary studies at large.

LITEM is initiated by the Section of Comparative Literature at the Institute of Literature, Areas Studies and European Languages at the University of Oslo.


Our members are connected with the following research groups:

Book history

Borderscapes, Memory and Migration

Literature, Cognition and Emotion

Living together

Representations of illness and Disability in Literary and Cultural Texts

Transforming Author Museums




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