Time and place: Nov. 10, 2016 - Nov. 11, 2016, Litteraturhuset and University of Oslo Library

All talks are open to the public. No need to register in advance. Keynote speakers: Elizabeth S. Anker, Cornell University and Cheryl I. Harris, UCLA School of Law

Time and place: Sep. 28, 2016 - Sep. 30, 2016, Academy of Science and Letters

Tensions of Past and Present in Early Modern Europe. Open for all.

Time and place: Oct. 7, 2015 - Oct. 9, 2015, Niels Henrik Abels hus, 12 et.

This three days conference will focus on women in history in a double sense: How are women portrayed in various genres of historical writing, and in what kind of historical genres did women writers themselves invest?

Please registrer before September 25, 2015