Animalities: An International Symposium

Thinking about animals and humans as animals.

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What do the Ice Age animated films have to do with French philosopher Jacques Derrida's thinking about animals? How can writers as diverse as Wallace Stevens, Terry Tempest Williams, and Amitav Ghosh reveal important assumptions people have not only about animals but also about humans as animals? Why should we care about literary dogs in the work of writers such as Mark Doty, J.R. Ackerly, or two women known as "Michael Field"? What is the significance of contemporary artistic representations of human-animal hybrids or a tiger from the Baghdad zoo killed in a play by Rajiv Joseph? This symposium explores questions like these, while also illustrating why representations of animals and human animality in literature and film should continue to be studied in exciting new ways.


Monday, Nov. 17th

9:00                           Welcome

9:15                           Introductory Remarks

9:30                           Anat Pick, Queen Mary, University of London (England)

                                  “Animals in the Cinematic Machine”

10:30                         Karen Victoria Lykke Syse, University of Oslo (Norway)

                                  “Looking the Beast in the Eye: Re-animation of Meat Eating
                                  in Post-industrial Societies”

11:30                         LUNCH

12:30                         Frida Beckman, Stockholm University (Sweden)

                                  “The Beasts in Ballard: Birds, Lions, and Crystallized

1:30                           Sara Orning, University of Oslo (Norway)
“Staging Humanimality: Patricia Piccinini and a Genealogy 
                                   of Species Intermingling”

2:30                           BREAK

2:45                           Michael Lundblad, University of Oslo (Norway) “Animality as 
                                  Refuge: Terry Tempest Williams and the Biopolitics of Terminal

3:45                           End


Tuesday, Nov. 18th

9:00                            Welcome

9:30                            Colleen Glenney Boggs, Dartmouth College (USA)
“Love Triangle With Dog: ‘Whym Chow,’ the ‘Michael Fields,’
                                    and the Poetic Potential of Human-Animals’ Affective Bonds”

10:30                          Robin Chen-Hsing Tsai, Tamkang University (Taiwan)
“Ecological Sovereignty and Biopolitics in Amitav Ghosh’s The 
                                   Hungry Tide

11:30                          LUNCH

12:30                          Sun-chieh Liang, National Taiwan Normal University 
“Thou Shalt Not Eat: The Animal Extinction in the Ice Age

1:30                            Neel Ahuja, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (USA)
“Posthuman New York: Ground Zero of the Anthropocene”

2:30                            BREAK

2:45                            Open discussion: overarching issues, tensions, opportunities

3:45                            End


For lunch: register with Ragnhild Førland

Organizer: Michael Lundblad

The symposium is funded by the Research Committee at ILOS.

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