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Citizenship in Russia

My Phd project focuses on the politics of citizenship and perceptions of ‘citizenship’ in post-Soviet Russia. Who is welcomed into the Russian citizenship regime and who is kept out of the ‘imagined community’?

About the Project

The main object of the research project "Politics and perceptions of citizenship in post-Soviet Russia" is the citizenship policy and discourses in Russia. The ways in which non-citizens may become citizens do not only reflect legal details but tell us something about how membership and national identities of spesific states are imagined. Who is invited in and who is left out, deprived of the rights that citizenship may grant?


This project aims to trace the citizen ideal of the Russian state as reflected in legal texts and other official documents and statements, and will take into account various perceptions and views in the present public debates about inclusion and exclusion in Russia. Media analysis will be complemented with interviews with relevant actors, exploring intersections between 'external' and 'internal' migration, 'ethnicity', 'citizenship', 'compatriots' and 'state'.

Published Oct. 6, 2015 3:03 PM