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Norden in Europe. Europe in Norden

Norden and the Nordic model are met with increased interest internationally. Our goal is to analyze perceptions and discourses of Norden in European culture and politics.

The illustration is from NØRDIK Mårket's webpage.

About the project

The overall hypothesis of the EURONOR project is that major changes are currently taking place and that a new Nordic wave is shaped in a European context.

Nordic solutions to political problems have until recently played a rather peripheral role in European politics.

In contemporary Europe however, discussions on the Nordic model have reached the heart of political debates and electoral campaigns. This new political impact is accompanied by an increased and broader interest in Nordic culture.

Our research group focuses on changes in discourses and perceptions taking place in Great Britain and France.

The Project is part of one of the three main thematic initiatives of the University of Oslo UiO:Nordic.

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