Commemorating the End of Communism in the Czech lands: Textual Representations of the November Revolution

In the Czech Republic, the end of communism is located to 17 November 1989, when student protesters clashed with police forces. Today, 17 November is an official holiday: “Day of Struggle for Freedom and Democracy”. Senior researcher Pavel Janáček, PhD, Czech Academy of Sciences, will open the seminar commenting on

• Attention paid to 17 November in the daily Lidové noviny since 1990.

• Representation of 17 November in various Czech dailies in 2008

• Approaches to the representation of 17 November in literary and newspaper discourse

Pavel Janáček heads the section for research into literary culture at The Institute of Czech Literature, Czech Academy of Sciences. Specializing on Czech popular culture, institutions and history of literary culture and Czech literature after 1945, he is the author of several articles and monographs (e.g. Literární brak. Operace vyloučení, operace nahrazení 1938–1951 (“Pulp literature. Operations of expulsion and substitution 1938–1951”), 2004. He is also an experienced newspaper editor.

Wednesday 10 December at 14.00, room 1132, Niels Treschow’s building


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