Sinn und Bedeutung 12


Sinn und Bedeutung 12 Programme

The plenary lectures will be given in Auditorium 3 on the ground floor; the parallel sessions will take place in seminar rooms U30, U31, and U36 in the basement. The secretariat and the intermission area will be located next to these rooms. The secretariat will be open for registration from 9.15 on Thursday, September 20.

A pdf programme is available here.


Auditorium 3
semroom U30 semroom U31 semroom U36


10.00 Words of Welcome: Dean of research and research education, Prof., Ms. Mette Halskov Hansen; Prof., Ms. Cathrine Fabricius-Hansen
10.15 Henriëtte de Swart (Universiteit Utrecht): Article use across languages: an OT Typology   (Chair: Atle Grønn)
11.30 Intermission
  Chair: Sigrid Beck Chair: Adrian Brasoveanu Chair: Bergljot Behrens
12.00 Amy Rose Deal
(University of Massachusetts):
Property-type objects and
modal embedding
Emmanuel Chemla (ENS Paris):
Unifying Presupposition and
Implicature Projections
Ana Müller and
Luciana Sanchez-Mendes
(Universidade de São Paulo):
The Meaning of Pluractionality
in Karitiani
12.45 Lunch break
  Chair: Eirik Welo Chair: Cathrine Fabricius-Hansen Chair: Dag Haug
14.00 Daphna Heller and Lynsey Wolter
(University of Rochester):
That is Rosa: Identificational Sentences
as intensional predication
Sophie Repp and Stefan Hinterwimmer
Alternatives for Topics and Foci:
Evidence from Indefinites and
Multiple WH
Cécile Meier
(Universität Frankfurt):
A Predicative Analysis for
PP Resultatives
14.50 Magdalena Schwager
(Universität Frankfurt):
Keeping prices low: an answer
to a Concealed Question
Rainer Ludwig (ZAS, Berlin):
Contrast for Two
Matthias Weisgerber
(Universität Konstanz):
Towards a Conceptual Semantics
for Path Superimposition effects
15.35 Intermission
  Chair: Regine Eckardt Chair: Eric McCready Chair: Markus Egg
16.00 Sveta Krasikova
(Universität Tübingen):
Universal modals in
comparative clauses
Katharina Hartmann (Humboldt)
and Malte Zimmermann (Potsdam):
Not only ‘only’ but ‘too’, too:
Focus- and topic-sensitive particles
in Bura
Christian Ebert (Universität Bielefeld),
Cornelia Endriss (Universität Osnabrück) and
Stefan Hinterwimmer (Humboldt-Universität):
Intermediate scope readings as
embedded speech acts
16.50 Mathias Schenner (ZAS Berlin):
Double face evidentials in German:
Reportative ‘sollen’ and ‘wollen’
in embedded contexts
Elena Karagjosova
(Universitetet i Oslo):
Contrast and underspecification
Igor Yanovich
(Moscow State University):
Existential-looking intermediate
readings of wide-scope indefinites
17.45   Business meeting


  Chair: Eirik Welo Chair: Irene Heim Chair: Atle Grønn
09.30 Gerhard Schaden (Université Paris 8):
On the cross-linguistic variation of
‘one-step past referring’ tenses
Stephanie Solt (CUNY):
Many and diverse cases:
Q-adjectives and conjunction
Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin (Paris 7)
and Roberta Pires de Oliveira
(Universidade de Santa Catarina):
Reference to kinds in Brazilian
Portuguese: definite singulars
vs. bare singulars
10.20 Jungmee Lee (Ohio State University):
Tenseless constructions in a
tensed language: the Korean
-ko construction
Rick Nouwen (Universiteit Utrechtt):
Upperbounded no more
Madeleine Halmøy
(Universitetet i Tromsø):
Number, (in)definiteness and
Norwegian nouns
11.05 Intermission
  Chair: Dag Haug Chair: Arnim von Stechow Chair: Manfred Krifka
11.30 Ezra Keshet (MIT):
Infinitival Complements and Tense
Sarah Murray (Rutgers University):
Reflexivity and Reciprocity
with(out) Underspecification
Alda Mari (Institut Jean Nicod):
Analyticity under perspective:
indefinite generics in French
12.20 Valentine Hacquard
(University of Massachusetts):
Restructuring and implicative
properties of “volere”
Uli Sauerland (ZAS Berlin):
Hardt’s surprising sloppy readings:
A flat binding account
Jacques Jayez (ENS-LSH) and
Lucia Tovena (Paris 7):
Fine-grained epistemic
13.05 Lunch break
  Chair: Ingebjørg Tonne Chair: Elena Karagjosova Chair: Igor Yanovich
14.15 Ana Arregui (University of Ottawa):
On past facts and the semantics
of counterfactuals
Hans-Christian Schmitz
(Universität Frankfurt):
“Eigentlich” again
Ljudmila Geist
(Universität Stuttgart):
Specificity in the system of
indefinite pronouns in Russian
15.05 Michela Ippolito
(University of Toronto):
The meaning of ‘would’ and
‘would have’ in conditionals
Regine Eckardt
(Universität Göttingen):
The semantics of approximation
Maria Averintseva and Sebastian
Buecking (Universität Tübingen):
Dislocating NPs to the right:
anything goes? Evidence from
generic indefinites
15.50 Intermission
16.15 Markus Egg (Universiteit Groningen): Semantics and pragmatics of rhetorical questions   (Chair: Cathrine Fabricius-Hansen)
19.00 Conference Dinner at the Campus Club (Georg Sverdrups hus)


  Chair: Doris Penka Chair: Arnim von Stechow Chair: Henriëtte de Swart
10.10 Adrian Brasoveanu
(Stanford and UC Santa Cruz):
Uniqueness effects in donkey sentences
and correlatives: a unified account
Yasutada Sudo
(MIT/University of Tokyo):
Quantification into Quotations:
Evidence from Japanese
Petra Burkhardt (Universität Marburg):
Semantic vs. pragmatic definites:
Evidence for presupposition cost
from sentence processing
11.00 Ivona Kučerova (MIT):
Givenness and Maximize
Bartosz Więckowski (Universität
Tübingen and Universität Rostock):
Substitution Puzzles and
Substitutional Semantics
Francesca Foppolo
(Università di Milano-Bicocca):
Between “cost” and “default”
of Scalar Implicature
11.45 Intermission
  Chair: Madeleine Halmøy Chair: Magdalena Schwager Chair: Christian Ebert
12.00 Kerstin Schwabe (ZAS Berlin) and
Robert Fittler (FU Berlin):
Question-embedding predicates in German
Arndt Riester (Universität Stuttgart):
A semantic explication of Information
Status and the underspecification
of the recipient’s knowledge
Kazuko Yatsushiro
(Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin):
Quantifier Acquisition:
Presuppositions of “every”
12.45 Lunch break
  Chair: Bergljot Behrens Chair: Cathrine Fabricius-Hansen Chair: Atle Grønn
14.15 Eric McCready
(Aoyama Gakuin University):
Particles, Modality and Coherence
Monika Rathert (Universität Frankfurt):
Nominalized infinitives and
-ung Nominalizations in German
Dorota Klimek (Wrocław University):
Perfective generics in Polish
15.05 Irene Heim (MIT): Decomposing antonyms?   (Chair: Cathrine Fabricius-Hansen)
16.20 Words of Farewell: Arnim von Stechow



Berit Gehrke (Universiteit Utrecht): What is asymmetric about goals and sources?
Elsi Kaiser (University of Southern California): Effects of syntactic structure and information structure on reference resolution
Giorgi Magri (MIT): The copy theory of plurals
Marta Abrusan (MIT): A semantic analysis of negative islands with manner questions
Lucia Pozzan and Susan Schweitzer (City University of New York): Not nearly almost: evidence from English and Italian
David Oshima (Arizona State University): Stereotypes, Desires, and Constructions



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