Accustomed to Her Face. Thirty-Five Character Acresses of Golden Age Hollywood

This book provides a fascinating portrait of 35 character actresses in the early era of Hollywood.

About the book

Drawing on historical documents and newspaper reports, this book provides a fascinating portrait of a diverse group of character actresses who left their stamp on Hollywood from the early sound era through the 1960s. The lives of 35 actresses are explored in detail. Some are familiar: Margaret Hamilton starred in dozens of films before and after her signature role as the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz; Una Merkel nearly died when her mother committed suicide in 1945. Others are nearly forgotten: Maude Eburne owed her career to a spectacular fall on the Broadway stage in 1914; Greta Meyer, who played the quintessential German maid, came to Hollywood after years in New York’s Yiddish theater—though she wasn’t Jewish.

About the author

Nils Axel Nissen


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