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  • Rand, Kari Anne (2016). 'Snublestener' - Memorial Plaques for Norwegian Jews. Anglo-Norse review.  ISSN 1363-9366.  (1), s 4- 7
  • Rand, Kari Anne (2015). Anmeldelse av Claes Gejrot, Mia Åkestam & Roger Andersson (eds.): The Birgittine Experience. Sehepunkte.  ISSN 1618-6168.  15(5)
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  • Rand, Kari Anne (2015). The "Index of Middle English Prose": Beyond the Merged Index Volume.
  • Rand, Kari Anne (2014). "The Equatorie of the Planetis: Text, Writing Process and Authorship".
  • Rand, Kari Anne (2014). University of Cambridge, Cambridge Digital Library, Peterhouse MS 75.I. Equatorie of the Planetis: Transcription, Detailed Description, Writing Process & John Westwyk .
  • Rand, Kari Anne (2011). "Some Repositories of Medieval Manuscripts: Access and Holdings". Keynote address.
  • Rand, Kari Anne (2009). Anmeldelese av M. Teresa Tavormina (ed.), Sex, Aging & Death in a Medieval Medical Compendium: Trinity College Cambridge MS R.14.52, Its Texts, Language, and Scribe. 2 vols. Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies 292. Tempe, AZ: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2006. Anglia. Zeitschrift für englische Philologie.  ISSN 0340-5222.  127(1), s 141- 145 . doi: 10.1515/angl.2009.017
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  • Rand, Kari Anne (2007). Manuscript and Print: Transition, Received Opinion and the Case of the Elusive 'Canutus'.
  • Rand, Kari Anne (2007). The 'Canutus' Pestilence Tract.
  • Rand, Kari Anne (2005). Anmeldelse av Sigmund Eisner, A Variorum Edition of the Works of Geoffrey Chaucer. Vol 6. The Prose Treatises. Part 1. A Treatise on the Astrolabe. English Studies: A Journal of English Language.  ISSN 0013-838X.  86(5), s 458- 461
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  • Schmidt, Kari Anne Rand (1998, 13. september). Om Chaucer og nyere forskning omkring håndskrifter av "The Canterbury Tales". [Radio].  Verdt å vite : NRK P-2.

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