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Ukrainian studies, cultural memory, identity and nation(hood), borders and boundaries, literature, languages, narratives, war and conflict, dissident movements, post-Soviet space.



Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Slavonic Studies — University of Cambridge, 2014

  • Arts and Humanities Research Council Doctoral Scholar

Master of Science (MSc) in Russian and East European Studies — University of Oxford, 2007

  • Chevening Scholar

BA — Bard College, 2003

  • Presidential Scholar



Academic. After navigating the intricacies of the doctoral labyrinth at the University of Cambridge (2010-2014), I spent a year at the Center for Historical Research at the Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg, Russia, on a postdoctoral fellowship (2014-2015). Here are some thoughts about experiencing Russia as a 'Ukrainianist' at this turbulent time: in English (European Council on Foreign Relations) and in Russian ("Snob"). Then I joined the Einstein Forum in Germany as the 2015 Einstein Fellow. Here is the story that resulted from my project there, and here is some advice for future applicants.

Professional. I returned to school in 2010, after a number of years in the professional world — most recently, at the United Nations Development Programme (Bratislava Regional Centre for Europe and CIS) and the Children's Defense Fund (Washington DC). My very first job, if one doesn't count internships, was with the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights in Vienna, where I processed my colleagues' fieldwork notes from Chechnya and Ingushetia into reports in 2004.


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Emneord: Ukraine, Area Studies, Borders, Contemporary Literature, Cultural Studies, East European Studies, Russia, National identity


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  • Zaharchenko, Tanya (2018). Of Murder and Memory: An Unfinished Story from Post-War Ukraine. The King's Review.  ISSN 2397-2602. Vis sammendrag
  • Zaharchenko, Tanya; Hansen, Arve & Andrukhovytsj, Jurij (2018). Conversation with writer Yuri Andrukhovych.
  • Zaharchenko, Tanya (2016, 03. februar). Mysteriöse Umstände.  Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten.
  • Zaharchenko, Tanya (2015). Beyond Pro and Anti: Monochrome Prefixes and Their Discontents, In Andrew Wilson (ed.),  What does Ukraine think?.  European Council on Foreign Relations.  ISBN 9781910118337.  Chapter 5.  s 53 - 61 Vis sammendrag
  • Zaharchenko, Tanya (2014, 06. november). Українські журналісти розвіюють руйнівні міфи минулого. [TV].  Voice of America.

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