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Anders Lysne is a lecturer and a PhD candidate in the Department of Media and Communication at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Oslo, Norway, where he teaches courses in film, aesthetics, and media & cultural theory. His forthcoming doctoral dissertation examines aesthetics and modes of address in Scandinavian youth films.

Academic Interests

Film theory and analysis; Film history; Media aesthetics; Media theory; Cultural theory, Sexuality and gender in the media

Higher education and employment history

University Lecturer, University of Oslo (2016-)

PhD Candidate, University of Oslo (2012-),

University Lecturer, Copenhagen University (2011-2012)

University Lecturer, University of Southern Denmark (2010)

Master in Media studies, University of Copenhagen (2008)

Ongoing research

The PhD-project "Form, Feeling and Obligation"

The project examines aesthetic modes of address  in contemporary Scandinavian youth films.

Despite a steady production output and close film political attention of the past three decades, research on youth films have been scarce and tend to focus mainly on issues of social representation. Situating an analytical framework of close textual readings with an emphasis on style and narration in a contextual framework of relevant historical, political and industrial factors, the project seeks to identify, analyze and discuss aesthetic modes of address in contemporary Scandinavian youth films.

Tags: Media history, Media aesthetics, Film history, Film theory, Popular culture


Lysne, Anders (2013). ‘Tonally Teen? Issues of Audience Appeal in Contemporary Danish Youth Films’. Academic Quarter, vol. 7, special issue: Bestseller and Blockbuster Culture.

Lysne, Anders (2014). ‘Straight Eye for the Queer Guy: Gay Youth in Contemporary Scandinavian Film’. C. Pullen (ed.) Queer Youth and Media Cultures, New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

  • Lysne, Anders (2013). At forstå en teenager. 16:9.  ISSN 1603-5194.
  • Lysne, Anders (2013). Tonally Teen? Issues of Audience Appeal in Contemporary Danish Youth Films. Akademisk Kvarter.  ISSN 1904-0008.

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  • Lysne, Anders (2014). Filmens personlige erindring. Objektiv. Tidskrift for kamerabasert kunst.  ISSN 1891-6198.  (9)
  • Lysne, Anders (2013). Skitser fra dyreriget. Krystalbilleder.  ISSN 2245-5477.
  • Lysne, Anders (2013). Tilpasset lesning. Wuxia.  ISSN 1893-739X.

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