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Cristina Archetti is Professor in Political Communication and Journalism at the University of Oslo, Norway. She is author of three books: Explaining News: National Politics and Journalistic Cultures in Global Context (Palgrave, 2010); Understanding Terrorism in the Age of Global Media: A Communication Approach (Palgrave, 2012); Politicians, Personal Image and the Construction of Political Identity: A Comparative Study of the UK and Italy (Palgrave, 2014). She won, among other international prizes, the 2008 Denis McQuail Award for Innovating Communication Theory.

Her research interests cover the intersection between communication, politics and security. More specifically, she has written on:

•the relationship between politicians and journalists;
•the role the media in radicalization, extremism and counter-extremism;
•the impact of new media on diplomatic practice and diplomacy 2.0;
•the effects of digital technologies on international journalism and foreign correspondence;

•the role of the media in the mobilization of childless and childfree groups.

Cristina has over 13 years experience teaching in Higher Education. She serves on the editorial board of the journal Critical Studies on Terrorism and was chair of the International Communication section of the International Studies Association in 2013-14.

Beyond academia, among her most recent engagements, she taught about the role of communication in Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) on courses provided to officials and community stakeholders by the Unites States Institute of Peace (USIP) and the Hedayah Center (Abu Dhabi); she has lectured for the NATO Centre of Excellence-Defense Against Terrorism in Ankara (Turkey) and the NATO StratCom Centre of Excellence in Riga (Latvia).


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Tags: Political communication, Journalism, Media and extremism/terrorism, Strategic communication, Social media, Media Use and Users




Archetti, C. (2014) Politicians, Personal Image and the Construction of Political Identity: A Comparative Study of the UK and Italy (Basingstoke: Palgrave).

Archetti, C. (2012) Understanding Terrorism in the Age of Global Media: A Communication Approach (Basingstoke: Palgrave).

Archetti, C. (2010) Explaining News: National Politics and Journalistic Cultures in Global Context (New York: Palgrave).

Articles in peer-reviewed journals

Archetti (2015) "Journalism, Practice and...Poetry: The Unexpected effects of Creative Writing on Journalism Research," Journalism Studies, pp. 1-22,

Archetti, C. (2015) “Bringing Back Emotion, Imagination and the Senses: Creative Writing in Journalism Research,” International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics 11(2): 239-249.

Archetti, C. (2015) "Terrorism, Communication and New Media: Explaining Radicalization in the Digital Age," Perspectives on Terrorism 9(1): 49-59, available at

Archetti, C. (2014) “Journalism & the City: Redefining the Spaces of Foreign Correspondence in London and Oslo,” Journalism Studies, Special issue on “The Future of Journalism,” 15(5): 586-595.

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Archetti, C. (2008a) “News Coverage of 9/11 and the Demise of the Media Flows, Globalization and Localization Hypotheses,” International Communication Gazette 70(6):  463-486.

Archetti, C. (2008b) “Unamerican Views”: Why US-Developed Models of Press-State Relations Don’t Apply to the Rest of the World,” Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture (WPCC), Media and Foreign Policy Special Issue 5(3): 4-26.

Archetti, C. (2007) “A Multidisciplinary Understanding of News: Comparing Elite Press Framing of 9/11 in the US, Italy, France and Pakistan,” Journal of International Communication, 13(1): 86-118.

Archetti, C. (2004) “Are the Media Globalizing Political Discourse? The War On Terrorism Case Study,” The International Journal of the Humanities 2: 1301-1308.

Book chapters

Archetti, C. (in press, 2015) “Narrative Wars: Understanding Terrorism in the Era of Global Interconnectedness,” in A. Miskimmon, B. O’Loughlin, and L. Roselle (eds) Forging the World: Strategic Narratives and International Relations (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press).

Archetti, C., L. Sorensen and J. Stanyer (in press, 2015) “The United Kingdom: Hybrid Populisms, Mixed Fortunes, and Unstable Support,” in T. Aalberg, C. De Vreese, J. Strömbäck, F. Esser and & C. Reinemann (eds) Populist Political Communication in Europe: Comprehending the Challenge of Mediated Political Populism for Democratic Politics (Oxford: Routledge).

Archetti, C. (2015) “Terrorism and the Media,” in C. Kennedy-Pipe, G. Clubb and S. Mabon (eds) Terrorism and Political Violence (London: Sage), pp. 134-152.

Archetti, C. (2013) “Which Future for Foreign Correspondence?” in B. Franklin (ed.) The Future of Journalism (Oxford: Routledge).

Archetti, C. (2013) “(Mis)Communication Wars, Terrorism, Counterterrorism and the Media,” in David Welch (ed.) Propaganda, Power and Persuasion (London: IB Tauris), pp. 209-224.

Archetti, C. (2013) “Media Impact on Diplomatic Practice,” in Iver B. Neumann and Halvard Leira (eds) International Diplomacy (London: SAGE), vol 3.

Policy reports

Archetti, C. (2014) Expert Assessment “Communication and Counter Terrorism in the Digital Age: Overcoming Outdated Approaches to the Information Environment,” in Strategic Communication in Counter Terrorism: Target Audience Analysis, Measures of Effectiveness and Counter Narrative (Ankara: NATO Centre of Excellence - Defence Against Terrorism), pp. 9-13, also available online at:

Written evidence “Soft Power, New Media and Diplomacy” submitted to House of Lords Select Committee on “Soft Power and the UK’s Influence,” 18 September 2013, available (pp.87-94).

Book reviews

Archetti, C. (2013) Review of Alice Mattoni, Media Practices and Protest Politics: How Precarious Workers Mobilise (London: Ashgate 2012), Contemporary Italian Politics 5(2): 232-234.

Archetti, C. (2011) Review of Matthew Baum and Tim J. Groeling, War Stories: The Causes and Consequences of Public Views of War (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2010), Critical Studies on Terrorism 2(4): 296-297.

Archetti, C. (2010) Review of Gianpietro Mazzoleni and Anna Sfardini, Politica Pop: Da “Porta a Porta” a l’ “Isola dei Famosi [Pop Politics: From Da “Porta a Porta” a l’ “Isola dei Famosi]” (Bologna: Il Mulino, 2010), Bulletin of Italian Politics 2(1): 196-198.

Archetti, C (2010) Review of Daya Thussu (ed.) International Communication: A Reader (London: Routledge, 2010), Journal of International and Global Studies 1(2): 175-177.


Blog posts

•Archetti, C. (2014) “Blocking Islamic State’s Online Propaganda is the Wrong Answer to the Wrong Problem,” The Conversation, 21 October 2014,
•Archetti, C. (2013) “Terrorist Plots, Self-Radicalisation and the Internet: Who is Afraid of Inspire?” Terrorism and Political Violence Association (TAPVA),

Professional publication

Archetti, C. (2012), “Aussterbende Art? [Foreign Correspondence is Alive: The Experience of Foreign Journalists in London],” Message: Internationale Zeitschrift für Journalismus 2: 82-84.


Archetti, C. (2010) “Rebranding Terror,” Monocle 39 (December-January issue).

Online reports

•Archetti, C. & P. M. Taylor (2005) “Managing Terrorism After 9/11: The War on Terror, the Media, and the Imagined Threat

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  • Archetti, Cristina (2014). Politicians, Personal Image and the Construction of Political Identity: A Comparative Study of the UK and Italy. Palgrave Pivot.  ISBN 1137353414.  108 s.
  • Archetti, Cristina (2012). Understanding Terrorism in the Age of Global Media: A Communication Approach. Palgrave Macmillan.  ISBN 978-1-137-29138-7.  218 s.
  • Archetti, Cristina (2010). Explaining News: National Politics and Journalistic Cultures in Global Context. Palgrave Macmillan.  ISBN 978-0-230-10966-7.  258 s.

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