Knut Kvale

Professor II. Department of media and communication

A driving motivation for my research has been – and still is - to make the communication between humans and computers as natural and convenient as possible.
I have therefore devoted my research to new human-machine interfaces, especially to speech-based and multimodal interfaces. These interfaces make many services more accessible and easier to use for normal able-bodied users  as well as disabled people, they open for new services and can save costs by automating manual services.
In the last few years I have worked with a wide range of usability issues in Telenor, focusing on multi-channel customer experience.

In this context I have contributed in the development of a framework for service design called Customer Journey Mapping. I am currently working with service design and service innovation with special focus on multi-channel customer experience.


Tags: Media and communication, Media Innovation


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Published Jan. 22, 2013 11:07 AM