Niamh Ni Bhroin

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Phone +47-45410967
Mobile phone +47-45410967
Room 468
Available hours Tuesday 13:30- 15:00
Visiting address Gaustadalléen 21 Forskningsparken 0349 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1093 Blindern 0317 OSLO

Academic Interests

My research is driven by a motivation to understand how users of digital media can engage in processes of innovation in order to bring about social change.  I critically explore empirical cases of media innovation using theories and concepts relating to user empowerment and participation, primarily in the context of social and digital media.  In connection with this, my postdoctoral research (2015-2020) also explores how children develop digital media literacy.  

I was awarded a PhD at the University of Oslo in 2015.  My PhD explored how users of minority languages created new opportunities for communication in Social Media. 

I have taught courses in media history and media institutions, research methods, and journalism at the Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo. 

Tags: Media Innovation, Social Media-Innovation, Media and communication, Social media, Children and Media, Minority Languages, Participation, Media Use and Users, Research Methods, Research Ethics, Digital Media Literacy


Ní Bhroin, N. (2015).  Social Media-Innovation: The Case of Indigenous Tweets.  The Journal of Media Innovations. Vol 2(1) pp. 89-106

Skogerbø, Eli; Josefsen, Eva & Ni Bhroin, Niamh (2015). Samepolitikk på dagsordenen, I: Bjørn Bjerkli & Per Selle (red.),  Samepolitikkens utvikling.  Gyldendal Akademisk. ISBN 978-82-05-48262-3.  10.  pp. 249 - 273

Ní Bhroin, N. (2013). Small Pieces in a Social Innovation Puzzle? Exploring the Motivations of Minority Language Users in Social Media. In T. Storsul and A.H. Krumsvik (2013) Media Innovations: A Multidisciplinary Study of Change.  Göteborg: Nordicom pp. 219-238

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