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Doctoral Research Fellow - Department of Media and Communication
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Room 491
Visiting address Gaustadalléen 21 Forskningsparken 0349 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1093 Blindern 0317 OSLO
Other affiliations Faculty of Humanities


Synne Tollerud Bull is a visual artist and writer working with Dragan Miletic as Bull.Miletic. She is currently a PhD research fellow at the Department of Media and Communication (2015-1018,) Visiting Professor at Nordland Kunst- og Filmfagskole (2014-2017,) and Supervisor at the National Artistic Research Programme (2013-2016.) Since 2000, Bull.Miletic exhibited internationally and their work has been included in numerous privat and public collections. In her PhD at IMK, Bull is working on a joint research project with Miletic (NTNU) on The Aerial View in Motion.


Synne initiated and curated several exhibitions, symposia and events, and is the co-editor of Urban Images: Unruly Desires in Film and Architecture, (Sternberg Press, 2011) and Screen Space Reconfigured, (AUP, forthcoming.) She was Professor of Contemporary Art at Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo National Academy of the Arts (2009-2014.) She holds BFA and MFA in New Genres from San Francisco Art Institute, USA, and MA in Art History from IFIKK, University of Oslo. 


Bull.Miletic participated in the NARP funded artistic research project Re:place (2012-2014) with the on-going project Heaven Can Wait. In 2012 they were Visiting Artist at the Cinema and Media Studies, University of Chicago, USA. Bull.Miletic have shown internationally at venues including California Biennial, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, German Architecture Museum, Frankfurt, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Pasadena Museum of California Art, Victorian Arts Center, Melbourne, Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita, Henie Onstad Art Center, Høvikodden, and Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade. Their work has been reviewed in Artforum, Aftenposten, Billedkunst, Kunstkritikk, Mousse Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, and Rhizome among others. Their work is represented by Anglim Gilbert Gallery.


Academic Interests

In her work with Bull.Miletic, Synne is engaged in an on-going investigation into the moving image and its production of space. Operating at the intersection of art and new technology, Bull.Miletic's digital media and installation works take the notion of expanded cinema further trough the history and innovation of mobility and travel, foregrounding the spatial individuation with related fields such as architecture, geography and space exploration. With a media archeological interest in technologies of the moving image and the specificity of their operation, Bull.Miletic frequently invents new recording techniques and projection mechanisms. Like this their artistic research approach issues of space at the intersection of aesthetics, politics and technology, as it is shaped and folded by an increasingly globalized world.


Fur further information please visit Bull.Miletic website:


Tags: Media Aesthetics, Media Archeology, Film theory, Film history, Art and Technology, Contemporary Art


"Kinetic Architecture and Aerial Rides: Towards a Media Archeology of the Revolving Restaurant View" in "The Media Archaeologies Forum," Journal of Contemporary Archaeology, ed. Angela A. Piccini. ISSN 2051-3429. 2(1), s 58- 66 

  • Bull, Synne Tollerud (2015). Kinetic Architecture and Aerial Rides: Towards a Media Archaeology of the Revolving Restaurant View. Journal of Contemporary Archaeology.  ISSN 2051-3429.  2(1), s 58- 66
  • Bull, Synne Tollerud & Miletic, Dragan (2011). Heaven Can Wait: The Revolving Restaurant as Hypercinema, In Synne Tollerud Bull & Marit Paasche (ed.),  Urban images : unruly desires in film and architecture.  Sternberg Press.  ISBN 978-1-934105-40-5.  <Unknown>.

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  • Bull, Synne Tollerud & Paasche, Marit (ed.) (2011). Urban images : unruly desires in film and architecture. Sternberg Press.  ISBN 978-1-934105-40-5.

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  • Bull, Synne Tollerud (2015). Volumteric (H)overview: The Progressive Geography of Aerial View in Motion.
  • Bull, Synne Tollerud & Miletic, Dragan (2014). LATERNA MAGICA.
  • Bull, Synne Tollerud & Miletic, Dragan (2014). MISSING PERSPECTIVE.
  • Bull, Synne Tollerud; Miletic, Dragan & Gunning, Tom (2012). What is Cinematic? A conversation across disciplines and modes between an artist and a critic.
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  • Bull, Synne Tollerud & Miletic, Dragan (2011). CologneOFF - Ukraine 2011 .
  • Bull, Synne Tollerud & Miletic, Dragan (2011). CologneOFF Baltic Sea Tour .
  • Bull, Synne Tollerud & Miletic, Dragan (2011). FONLAD Online Digital Arts Festival.
  • Bull, Synne Tollerud & Miletic, Dragan (2011). Festival Miden .
  • Bull, Synne Tollerud & Miletic, Dragan (2011). Heaven Can Wait: The Revolving Restaurant as Hyper-Cinema .
  • Bull, Synne Tollerud & Miletic, Dragan (2011). New Screen New Castle .
  • Bull, Synne Tollerud & Miletic, Dragan (2011). Whirl + In the middle of the end.
  • Bull, Synne Tollerud & Miletic, Dragan (2011). Østlandsutstillingen .
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  • Bull Tollerud, Synne (2009). Par Hasard .
  • Bull, Synne (2009). Cities Re-imagined.
  • Bull, Synne (2009). Cities Re-imagined.
  • Bull, Synne (2009). Par Hasard part I.

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