CeRMI’s inaugural visiting scholar Dr. Aske Kammer

CeRMI invites scholars from other educational institutions to join our Visitors Program. In April this year, Dr. Aske Kammer from Denmark was the first visiting fellow to join the Program. 

To get new insights and raise interesting discussions within the field of media innovations, CeRMI invites scholars from other educational institutions to join our Visitors Program. The scholars who are granted a visiting fellowship will have access to CeRMI members for dialogue and critical discussion of their current work (for more details on the Visitors Program, please see below). Together, the visiting fellow and the CeRMI members will nurture great ideas and development on current research on media innovations.

Photo of Dr. Aske Kammer in a conversation.
Dr. Aske Kammer

In April this year we had the pleasure of having our first visiting fellow at CeRMI, Dr. Aske Kammer. He is an Assistant Professor at the Centre of Journalism at the University of Southern Denmark. His research looks at how new media technologies in a digital environment affect the established institutions and structures of society. Dr. Kammer’s visit was a success that turned out beneficial for all involved, and it put new visions and energy to our work. As he observed:

“The visit provided me the opportunity to discuss in-depth some of the theoretical, methodological, and ethical aspects of my research with leading experts in the field, and it laid the ground for international collaborations and network participation that I enjoy immensely today. I can say with certainty that the visit at the centre will be visible in my research and publications in years to come, both in terms of the feedback I got, the data I collected, and the collaborations I established. I recommend anyone who researches media innovation to apply for the visiting fellowship in the future.”

A visiting fellowship is granted for 1-4 weeks. Visitors will be supported with office space, access to institutional resources such as our libraries and Internet, and a stipend of 10.000,00 NOK to help offset travel and accommodation costs. In turn, visitors will be expected to offer at least one open lecture or seminar to interested faculty and students that informs us of their research, future projects, etc.

Our first Visitor, Dr. Kammer, is enthusiastic about his experience with us:

“I recommend everyone working within the field of media innovations to apply for the fellowship in the future. Not only is it an excellent opportunity in terms of scholarly development and inspiring discussions with some truly brilliant people – it is also a very interesting department with an ambitious research agenda that you get the chance to be part of. I would do it again in a heartbeat if I had the chance.”

You can also read a Twitter-interview that CeRMI did with Dr. Kammer during his stay at his website.

By Cathrine T. Pettersen
Published Dec. 7, 2015 1:32 PM - Last modified Dec. 7, 2015 1:36 PM