Dr. Charles Ess as keynote speaker at ECREA conference

CeRMI Director Charles Ess will be one of the two keynote speakers at an ECREA conference in Salzburg on Friday 27 November.

Portrait of Dr. Charles Ess

CeRMI Director Charles Ess will be attending a conference of the Digital Culture and Communication (DCC) section of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) this upcoming Thursday and Friday, 27-26 November. Dr. Ess will be delivering a keynote and represent CeRMI. 

“Digital Culture and Communication is a thematic section of ECREA that aim to exchange and develop research and to build a research culture at the European level in the developing field of digital media and informational culture understood in a broad sense.“

The conference will take place in Salzburg from November 26 to 27, and the subject for this year’s conference will be “Standards, Disruptions and Values in Digital Culture and Communication”. Dr. Charles Ess and Dr. Helen Kennedy from Sheffield will be the keynote speakers. 

Dr. Ess’ abstract for the conference keynote will be on “cultural diversity, globalized media, ethical norms: can cultural imperialism be avoided? “

Dr. Ess has brought a philosophical perspective to media and communication studies for many years. In an interview Ess did with DCC in September he said that his recent work has focused on bringing mainly virtue ethics into further conversation with both normative domains within media and communication studies, and efforts within media and communication studies to develop normative approaches. The past three years his focus has included social robotics, and on how far our various capacities and abilities can be replicated by computers. You can read the full interview here.

CeRMI will be sponsoring the opening conference dinner and welcome drinks at the main conference dinner. 


By Cathrine T. Pettersen
Published Nov. 24, 2015 2:03 PM