Dr. Lucy Küng’s public lecture and panel discussion, “Innovations in Digital News: Recipes for Success?"

This week, Professor II Dr. Lucy Küng, has been visiting CeRMI. She gave a public lecture about innovations and digital news, followed by a panel discussion with comments from Sindre Østgård (CEO of Tinius Trust). 

Dr. Lucy Küng

Dr. Lucy Küng. Photos by Cathrine T. Pettersen.

News organisations' use of innovation

Why are some digital news organisations more successful than others? This is a primary question explored in Küng’s new book, Innovators in Digital News. By looking at several case studies, such as BuzzFeed, Vice, The Guardian, The New York Times etc., Dr. Küng mapped out the different ways these media organisations use innovations and digital technology to succeed in the fast-changing and challenging environments of digital journalism.

Dr. Lucy Küng

Recipe for success

Which structures, skills and attitudes are necessary to make digital journalism succeed? While there is no single “recipe for success,” Dr. Küng’s analysis identified several common elements critical to success, such as singularity of purpose, unequivocal strategic focus and pro-digital culture.

Dr. Charles Ess
CeRMI Director, Dr. Charles Ess welcoming 
Tanja Storstul, Head of Department of Media and Communication, as moderator
Head of Department of Media and Communication,Tanja Storsul as moderator

Public lecture with Dr. Lucy Küng

Sindre Østgård and Lucy Küng
Panel discussion with Sindre Østgård and Dr. Lucy Küng
Sindre Østgård, Dr. Lucy Küng and Tanja Storstul
Sindre Østgård, Dr. Lucy Küng and Tanja Storsul

Key points from the lecture can also be found on CeRMI’s Twitter

By Susanne Bjerke Gravir
Published Nov. 18, 2015 1:48 PM - Last modified Nov. 18, 2015 1:59 PM