The Journal of Media Innovations Vol.2 Issue1 is now online

The Journal of Media Innovations is an open access journal that explores changes in media technologies, media policies, organizational structures, media management, media production, journalism, media services, and usages.

Table of Contents

Introduction to issue 2(1) - Anders Olof Larsson

What to study when studying media and communication innovation? Research design for the digital age - Josef Trappel

Experimentation and Imitation: The Journey to Elle 360 - Katherine M Champion

Advocate, copycatting or simly pragmatic: Reconceptualising contemporary 'marginal' journalism - Daniel Henry Mutibwa

Using social media in the news reportage of War & Conflict: Opportunities and Challenges - Vittoria Sacco, Diana Bossio

Models and streams of data journalism - Turo I Uskali, Heikki Kuutti

Social media-innovation: The case of indigenous tweets - Niamh Ni Bhroin

Humanist Evaluation Methods in locative media design - Anders Fagerjord

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